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Reading respond of "Harvard Educational Review" - Book Report/Review Example

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I lack adequate adjectives to express how much insightful the articles screams. However, as much as most her views are candidly…
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Reading respond of "Harvard Educational Review"
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Download file to see previous pages this reason that compels me further to give what in my opinion can be the correct antibiotics to the contemporary issues expressed that are and have emerged in our society (Michael, 52).
Pepi’s opinion that those in power are using educational institutions and the media to hoodwink the public with the aim of reinforcing and maintaining internal dominance is debatable and raises more questions than answers.Learning Institutions are more independent and media freedom has been so much upheld that we can’t claim they have become stooges in propagating propaganda. All the ill social happenings are usually brought to light by the media and scholars take different stands on expressing their views depending on their perception and beliefs. It can therefore be debated on the role of learning institutions as well as those of the media on tackling contemporary issue rather than claiming their role in ill informing the public (Michael 52).
Among the social myths that women are responsible for the destruction of familyvalues, to a greater extent is one of the contribution but not solely by them. Most of those leaning towards this argument have not come to terms to the benefits of women empowerment and their contribution to the economy of the country. Family values are inculcated by both gender and not just preserved for one. Moreover, civilization and advancement of technology have had significant contribution in the destruction of these values ((Michael 52).
Accruing the country’s enormous debt to immigrants and aliens is farfetched.Majority of the immigrants are technocrats and scholars who add diverse skills and expertise on different fields. On the other hand the illegal immigrant basically do odd jobs to sustain their living and the government contribute little if any to them. Besides, the illegal immigrants are quite a small percentage in comparison to the whole population (about 3.7% of the population according to census reports).
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