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Strategic HRM Application: The University of Sydney - Term Paper Example

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This paper provides a background and concept of strategic HRM in relation to the application of HRM practices of the University of Sydney. The author provides a literature review on recruitment, selection, and performance management and relates this to the University’s HRM policies and practices. …
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Strategic HRM Application: The University of Sydney
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Extract of sample "Strategic HRM Application: The University of Sydney"

Download file to see previous pages Strategic HRM is linking people to the strategies of the firm. HRM involves management of the organization’s most valued asset, the people who are working as a team. It is the responsibility of management to motivate the employees to allow them to work as a team.
Armstrong (2006, p. 13) argues that: “The concept of strategic HRM is based on the important part of the HRM philosophy that emphasizes the strategic nature of HRM and the need to integrate HR strategy with the business strategy.”
Human resource policies should be integrated with strategic business planning (Legge, 1989, cited in Armstrong, 2006, p. 13). But Sisson (1990) suggests that a feature increasingly associated with HRM is a stress on the integration of HR policies both with one another and with business planning more generally.
Strategic Human Resource provides a playing field for the effective management of the staff, to enhance retention and turnover processes, selection of employees that fit with both the organizational strategy and culture and cost-effective utilization of employees through investment in identified human capital. As an outcome, the organization can have increased performance, enhanced customer and employee satisfaction, and shareholder value.
Recruitment and selection are an integral part of an organization’s overall HRM strategy. HRM emphasizes the integration of traditional personnel functions including recruitment and selection and their management towards the strategic goals and objectives of the organization.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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