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This essay "Santa Clara University" focuses on developing the moral perceptions of the students irrespective of their religion or cultural aspects, making them aware of the necessity of leading an ethical life and understanding the consequences of conducting negative acts…
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Santa Clara University
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Santa Clara University
Santa Clara University (SCU) is one of the oldest universities offering higher education to the students. As I am currently pursuing my studies from Foothill College (Los Altos hills, CA) and looking forward for a transfer to Santa Clara soon enough, I went through conducting certain research work to augment my knowing about this college. I had visited to this university multiple times since it is in close proximity to my existing college and moreover many of my friends are pursuing their education from this college. In addition to their reviews about the education quality provided in Santa Clara, its unique architecture and attractive university campus drew my attention. These made me acquainted for taking the decision of completing my engineering program in this university. Moreover, the ranking and the recognition of this university in the previous few years seemed to be quiet impressive, which further added to my decision making concerning the above discussed aspect.
In order to determine the aspects of SCU’s strategic vision that appealed to me largely, it can be stated that the university idealizes in the creation of an intellectual community with the intention of educating students based upon the following of Catholic tradition. This helps in making students know about this university’s central focus, leading towards incessant enhancement in its curriculums and co-curriculums. It is worth mentioning that the university aims in intensifying its teaching process and ingenious work roles, thus serving the communities as a whole (U.S. News & World Report LP, “Santa Clara University”).
One of the aspects of SCU’s strategic vision that appealed to me is the efforts made by the university towards offering quality education to the students such as forming flexible standards of quality in areas of training, knowledge along with creativity across various disciplines and incessantly developing the standards of curriculums among others. Moreover, the other aspect of SCU’s strategic vision, which appealed to me extensively can be determined as that the university strategizes in enhancing the conscience level of the students by continuously nurturing and developing their intellectuality along with spirituality facets, resulting in making them competent enough to differentiate between what is correct and incorrect (U.S. News & World Report LP, “Santa Clara University”).
Specially mentioning, SCU focuses on developing the moral perceptions of the students irrespective of their religion or cultural aspects, making them aware of the necessity of leading an ethical life and understanding the consequences of conducting negative acts. The university has proved itself in offering quality education to the students in this continuously changing and flourishing academic landscape through focusing much upon the aspects like conscience and compassion. This eventually aided the students in learning how to foster human desire and utilize knowledge for the development of overall well-being, thus creating a better humanitarian, just and sustainable world (U.S. News & World Report LP, “Santa Clara University”). Together, it can be summed up that the above discussed qualities or the aspects related to the strategic vision of SCU have appealed me to complete my engineering program from this particular university.
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“Santa Clara University.” U.S. News & World Report LP. 2014. Web. 10 Feb. 2014. Read More
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