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In the essay “The Northeastern University in Boston” the author describes his striving for better education, which has always been his aim. He completed his schooling at an international school in Switzerland and he had realized by then that he wanted to pursue his career in the field of business…
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The Northeastern University in Boston
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The Northeastern University in Boston
Striving for better education has always been my aim and I have worked towards achieving this goal. I completed my schooling from an international school in Switzerland and I had realized by then that I wanted to pursue my career in the field of business. This was because I understood my skills and I knew the fact that business was the field in which I could excel. I have always willed to complete my career in an environment where I am comfortable and I can adapt to. Also, I believe that it is important for the location of the university to be ideal with regard to my field. The Eastern Business School London is one of the best business schools around the globe which can provide for not only excellent educational standards but the environment and the location guarantees all the other important aspects required for studying in the field of business. It is for this purpose that I would really want to continue my studies in this business school.
I enrolled in the Northeastern University in Boston this fall in September and I started studying for my graduation. The lifestyle in this part of the world along with the classes is not an all round atmosphere and thus I believe that my aim to outshine in my career will not be fulfilled in this university. The living atmosphere of England along with the greater opportunities in the field of business and exposure has made me understand the fact that I will be able to devote myself properly to my studies. Also the high standards that the Eastern Business School London maintains can polish the education of a student and assist him in achieving excellent progress in his career. Thus I would like to transfer from the Northeastern University, Boston to The Eastern Business School London in the next semester.
I would like to apply for the International Business Course. This will be the best choice in my case because of the fact that I have travelled to different parts of the world and I have been exposed to different business markets which has provided me with exposure as well as considerable knowledge in the field of business. I have put much hard work for my academic qualifications and I have achieved high standards in my education which I believe make me eligible for this course. I will utilize all my skills and hard work to reach to the level that is required by this university. I completely realize that this teaching centre is one of the best in Europe. I believe my academic qualifications and experience are up to the grade that is required by such an excellent institution. I also have potential to go ahead and achieve excellent progress. I will uphold the name of the college and put in all my strength and knowledge during my studies and even after that and I will study as well work with all my capabilities. Read More
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