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Educational Program of the Graduate School of Computer and Information Science at Nova Southeastern University - Essay Example

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The writer of this essay discusses education at Nova Southeastern University his zeal to improve the lives of people in all walks of life through the use of information technology in schools, hospitals, workplace, groceries and online business transactions…
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Educational Program of the Graduate School of Computer and Information Science at Nova Southeastern University
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Extract of sample "Educational Program of the Graduate School of Computer and Information Science at Nova Southeastern University"

Download file to see previous pages Respectfully, the following paragraphs are the stories of my open -book life as I knock on my New Alma Mater's door with hope and understanding.My life has been focused on two major goals. First, my long-term goal in obtaining this degree will be to increase the intensity of my continuing contributions to the field of Information Technology (Mcginn, 2008). To this end, I will light that midnight oil as I engross myself in the exchange of intelligence information among my classmates and mentors as a graduate student at Nova Southeastern University. But, my ultimate goal is to inspire innovation and passion for Computer Science in the lives of my future students. For, I firmly believe that someday many will continue the fire burning in me to touch the lives people in all walks of life through the use of information technology. Definitely, both goals can be achieved faster because I have found the missing link.And, I learned that the unique educational program of the Graduate School of Computer and Information Science at Nova Southeastern University is one of the many features why many students study and research here. For, one of the main reasons for my selection of Nova Southeastern University is its Cluster classroom format. Since I am a firm believer in the concept of teamwork, I believe the cluster meetings will be beneficial for me as I network and team with others in my field with the guidance and wisdom of my instructors. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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