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Nova Southern University: Almost Five Decades if Growth and Change in South Florida - Research Paper Example

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Nova Southeastern University: Almost Five Decades of Growth and Change in South Florida [Your Name Here] [Your Institution Name Here] Abstract In 1964, the small, private college of Nova University of Advanced Technology was established in Broward County, South Florida, in what was then the base of the Everglades and considered the Florida frontier…
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Nova Southern University: Almost Five Decades if Growth and Change in South Florida
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Extract of sample "Nova Southern University: Almost Five Decades if Growth and Change in South Florida"

Download file to see previous pages It envisioned itself as the “MIT of the South”, providing first class education in math and sciences. Through the last forty-seven years, it has undergone numerous changes, including expansion, merge, dissolution of merge, and more expansion, to become the Nova Southeastern University that is known today. But why? Why did it have to change, merge, and reinvent itself? The political, social, and stakeholder forces tell the story of an institution struggling to overcome a negative image, and assuring itself of triumph in the face of adversity. Table of Contents Part I: Three Identifying Changes to Nova University……………………………………………1 Change Number 1: Distance Learning…………………………………………………………….1 Change Number 2: Federation with NYIT………………………………………………………. 2 Change Number 3: 1994 Merger with Southeastern University…………………………………. 3 Part II: Founding, History, and the Biggest Change to Nova University………………………... 5 Establishment of Nova University of Advanced Technology….………………….…………….. ...
Financially broke and unwilling to release its original vision of collaborative learning, Nova leaned heavily on degree expansion, catering to the local community, and distance learning, which while not new to the United States was not a common concept in the 1970s. A key stakeholder in this venture was Dr. Abraham Fischler, who pioneered distance learning in this area for Nova (Barnes, Harrington & Pineda, 2004). Together with the board of governors, he made it his business to take the concept of a small, collaborative effort of students working together across the nation by offering off-campus programs in as many states as possible (Barnes, Harrington & Pineda, 2004). He has since said that it was not uncommon for a cluster of teachers to leave on Friday night, teach classes elsewhere on Saturday, and return Saturday night or Sunday morning (Barnes, Harrington & Pineda, 2004). In a 2004 interview, Dr. Fischler stated that it was important to be responsive to the opportunities that existed in society, and to take the education to the people where they were located, when they wanted it, and in a responsive manner (Barnes, Harrington & Pineda, 2004). The 1970s demanded work such as this. President Johnson, instead of holding over programs of former President Kennedy and the “New Frontier” initiative, pledged education for all in his Great Society speeches (Independence Hall Association, 2008). Nova responded to the challenge of equal educational opportunity and minority success by taking education to the student (Goldstein, 1989). However, not everyone was receptive to this program. As the programs became more visible and well-known, local institutions from the states that Nova offered programs in began to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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