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Florida is a state located in the southeastern area of the United States. Florida's name was given by Juan Ponce de Leon1, who arrived in Florida on the 2 April 15131. At that time, it was "Pascua Florida" 1 (which means "Flowery Easter"). Moreover, Florida possesses the fourth rank, behind California, Texas and New York for having the most populated state in the country2.
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Download file to see previous pages The hottest temperature (43 C) occurred on June 29, 1931 in Monticello1, while the coldest occurred on February 13, 1899 25 miles away in Tallahassee1. Average temperatures for late July is between 32-35 C, whereas average temperatures for late January is between (4-7C) in northern Florida to averagely 13C in southern Florida1.
In 2007, Florida's population was 18,251,2434. The population increases by 321, 647 or 1.8% from 2005. Florida is expanding by an average of 26,803 every month, 6700 every week and 975 on a daily basis5. Additionally, Florida is the third-fastest-growing state5. However, in 2000 the Germans possesses 11.8% of Florida's population, the Irish 10.3%, the English 9.2%, the Americans 8%, the Italian 6.3%, the French 2.8%, the Polish 2.7% and the Scottish 1.8%6.
In 2000 76.91% of the residents age 5 and older only spoke English at home as their primary language; whereas 16.46% spoke Spanish and French-based creole languages was communicated between 1.38% of the population7. Moreover, French was spoken by 0.83%, G3erman by 0.59% and Italian at 0.44% of all residents7. The public education system of Florida researched that over 200 first languages other than English is spoken in the homes of students.


The main religion is Christian (81% of the population), followed by Jewish (4%) and 1% believe in other religions while 14% are non-religious1.


The GDP of Florida reached $713.5 billion in 2006, making it the fourth largest economy in the United States8. Personal income arrived at $36,665, thus ranking the 20th9. This is largely created by high tourism levels. Warm weather and many beaches draw about 60 million tourists every year1. The second largest industry is created by agriculture; especially due to producing citrus fruit. In fact it produces 67% of all citrus in the US in 200610. The third largest industry is formed by phosphate mining. It produces 75% of phosphate required by farmers in United States and 25% of the world supply11.


Opa-locka is a 4.5 square miles12 city resided in Miami-Dade County, Florida. 4.3 square miles of it is land while 0.1 square miles is water12. Moreover, the population in 2000 reached 14,951 and has increased to 15, 327 in 200413.
The city was developed by Glenn Curtis and the name "Opa-locka" is a contraction of "Opa-tisha-woka-locka", which means "The high land north of the little river on which there is a camping place"14.


In 2000 there were 14,951 people, 4890 households and 3,437 families living in the city15. The city contains of 22.83% White (3.1% Non-Hispanic Whites), 69.64% Black or African American, 0.35% Native American, 0.21% Asian, 0.02% Pacific Islander, 3.6% other races and 3.35% from two or more races16.

Out of the 4890 households, 41.2% of them had children under the age of 18 residing with them, 28.4% were married couples living together, 35.2% were female householder with no husband and 29.7% had no families1. Regularly, the household size was 2.97, whereas the average family size was 3.521.

The total population is constructed of 34.6% under the age of 18, 12.3% from the age of 18 until 24, 26.8% from the age of 25 until 44, 17,7% were between 45 and 64 years of age ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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