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Political Reconstruction in the State of Florida after the civil war - Essay Example

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Annotated Bibliography Ayers, Edward. Southern Crossing: A History of the American South 1877-1906. New York: Oxford University Press, 1995. Ayers writes not only about Florida but about how reconstruction affected the entirety of the south following the Civil War…
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Political Reconstruction in the State of Florida after the civil war
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Extract of sample "Political Reconstruction in the State of Florida after the civil war"

Download file to see previous pages This Almost every page of his writing has quotes regarding either the price of something, or someone’s opinion regarding something. Although they are extremely useful, there are no citations and therefore while interesting and useful can not be referred to as a legitimate source. The maps and other inclusions assist with the overall theme of the book and give the reader more information than what is written. Brown, Canter Jr. Ossian Bingley Hart: Florida’s Loyalist Reconstruction Governor. Baton Rouge, LA: Louisiana State University Press, 1997. Although Hart was born long before the Civil War began, it was his attitudes and beliefs that spurred on some of the reconstruction shortly following the end of hostilities. As this is a biography a good part of the book is about Governor Hart, which is important in understanding how someone who was a loyalist was able to assist in the reconstruction. Hart following the war made an effort to support a Reconstructionist belief. It is the author’s opinion that without Hart, the timing and intensity of the Reconstructionist movement would have been different. The book summarizes what Hart had to contend with in the state as well as among his own party members. This book is very useful in not only knowing about Governor Hart, but also his connections and how those influenced the future of Florida. This book has footnotes and additional information that aids to research of Governor Hart. Cobb, James C. Away Down South: A History of Southern Identity. New York: Oxford University Press, 2005. To be southern is to be different than those from different areas. It has its own culture, practices, and more importantly belief structures. The author using his upbringing as the staging point believes that he is in a unique situation to write the south. He is in fact from the south and can in his belief read between the lines of primary and secondary sources. Cobb pulls from leading historians on the reconstruction and how cultural identity it created to write something from a 1st person as well as from a 3rd person point of view. One major view point that Cobb is trying to convey is what “Southern Identity” is and how it is just as important as “Northern Identity” and how that needs to be explored. He includes citations of academic works. He also has a solid grasp on the information both written and what needs to be written. Cobb, James C. and William W. Stueck, ed. Globalization and the American South. Athens. GA: University of Georgia Press, 2005. Continuing on his theme of Southern Identity James Cobb teamed up with William Stueck to write about how the globalization of the world and specifically the United States is affected the south. While this book mostly centers on current economic structures and formation, there is a section on how the reconstruction following the civil war has influenced the growth of businesses and economy in the South. This is an edited work so all of the essays are by different authors and speak to different issues. While most of the essays are informational and contribute to the understanding of Southern culture, what is interesting is that there is an underlying emphasis on how the new globalization is affected the black-white divide, and what that means for individuals in the south. Due to the varying authors, the citation styles are different, but this is an academic work that is useful for research. Davis, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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