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The Confederacys Defeat in the Civil War - Essay Example

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When it comes to the issue of the Confederacy's defeat in the Civil War, there are several factors in particular which need to be discussed. The American Civil War is a war which took place between the years of 1861-1865, and it is considered as being one of the most major wars in the history of America.
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The Confederacys Defeat in the Civil War
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The Confederacys Defeat in the Civil War

Download file to see previous pages... The Confederacy lost the civil war to the Union, which consisted of the Northern states, and there are many reasons that are considered as being explanatory for this. From the very beginning of the war, the North had a number of advantages over the South, and they basically had large amounts of everything while the South had hardly anything at all. The Union had large amounts of land, and an ever-growing industry, while the South basically had only one main cash crop: cotton.
This is one of the most major reasons as to why the Confederacy suffered defeat in the Civil War - they made a serious mistake by believing that its thriving cotton industry would be enough to sustain itself throughout the war, and they soon realized that their assumptions had been far off. The North were much more successful in regards to their decision making and other strategies, and although the Civil War was absolutely a trying time for both the Confederacy and the Union alike, the fact is that the question of the outcome was quite obvious from the start. The South was very ill-equipped and not prepared enough, while the North was prepared to endure the deprivation of war, and not only that, but as well, just to further add on to the dilemma of the South, they were basically sucked dry of any semblance of economic formidability, while for the North the war was actually economically beneficial, as even after only the first year of the war they found that they were experiencing an enormous industrial boom.
From this we can conclude several different things in particular, namely the fact that the main reason the Confederacy suffered defeat in the Civil War is because they were not prepared. They did not strategize properly, and they were not at all financially prepared before or during the time of the war. The South had actually originally counted on the North not being able to keep themselves in the war, and assumed that they would eventually give up and thus allow the South to secede, however this did not happen, and this was largely in part due to the resolve of Lincoln. It has been considered as well that the longer the war went on, the more and more the North's odds of winning increased, and eventually the South was doomed.

Reconstruction: A Success or a Failure
Reconstruction was an attempt that was made during and after the Civil War by the United States in order to attempt to resolve the issues that existed from the war when both the Confederacy and slavery were destroyed. It was truly an era of unprecedented and severe political conflict and of incredible change, and this reconstruction of the United States was carried on by President Johnson after the assassination of President Lincoln, during the years 1865 and 1866.
The reconstruction period was - and still is - considered as being a time of great hardship for the United States, and President Andrew Johnson is considered as being one of the most major and key players during this time, as it was he who was faced with the task of having to reunite the North and South together after the drama and severity of the Civil War. Basically the reconstruction was a period when all people needed new and enforced human rights, even African Americans, as up to this point they were a minority group which had no rights and were still considered as being less than full people in a society that proclaimed and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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