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Ghosts of the Confederacy - Book Report/Review Example

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The following paper casts light upon the book "Ghosts of Confederacy". The book is about the adjustment of White Southerners to their defeat in civil war and investigates the cultural implications of an event in American history. Gaines M. Foster opines that in opposition to the southern folklore…
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Ghosts of the Confederacy
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Extract of sample "Ghosts of the Confederacy"

Download file to see previous pages Chapter 1 of the book starts with the surrender of Lee’s North Virginia’s Army to General Grant in Appomattox. The surrender comes after the last ditch effort of Lee’s army to beat General Grant and failure in it. However, even after the surrender of Johnston’s surrender President Jefferson Davis is confident of victory by Guerilla tactics and this reveals the stronger intentions of southerners about their culture as even the failure in the war did not convince them for a change of policy regarding slavery. One can observe in this condition that both soldiers and generals are against the war and even common Virginian is not in favor of war and as a result the defeat of the South has become imminent. Moreover, the common people in the South wanted the orderly system and in place for the sake of their peaceful life. The above observation reveals the intentions of common people, who have different views from leaders wanted to stop fighting a losing war. Another aspect that played an important role in shaping the perceptions of defeat in southern people are the central institutions of a lost cause and known as postwar Confederate organizations. They are; The Southern Historical Society, the United Confederate Veterans, The United Daughters of the Confederacy and others. As these groups conducted ceremonial activities or rituals to understand the past, they helped even in understanding the defeat as that resulted in a new order in society and southerners tried to adjust with the new social order. Moreover, Foster opines that no interpretation of the war dominated the entire south and as a result, only a minority of white southerners did not adjust to defeat but the opinion of the majority matters here and that resulted in rebuilding the society after the war. However, despite the defeat, the southerners tried to champion states’ rights and white supremacy thus abandoning the vision of independent slaveholders’ republic and did not dwell on it for long. Hence, it can be termed that the intrinsic feelings of the southerners did not change as they tried to adjust with the new order.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Ghosts of the Confederacy Book Report/Review Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 Words.
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