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Supervisor Name Test Assignment 1 08 December 2013 American History Section I 1. William Lloyd Garrison was among one of the main leaders of the anti-slavery movement. His attempts were noticed publicly when he left the American Colonization Society in 1830 and started his personal abolitionist paper known as The Liberator…
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Study guide for final
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Download file to see previous pages For more than 30 years, Garrison expressed his views against the constitution through The Liberator. He was in favor of instant equality and freedom unlike his peers. The dreams of Garrison came true after the end of Civil War in 1865 and abolition of slavery in US as mentioned in the 13th Amendment of the constitution. However, there are some instances where Garrison hurt the cause of abolition by his uncompromising stance against slavery. In the era when slavery was commonly accepted, Garrison was against the institutional racism and always blamed that the current condition of blacks undermined the value of human equality in the Nation. During that period, most of the liberal reformers supported the idea of gradual removal of slavery. Garrison often accused these reformers on the ground of “moral lapses” and stood strong against all the other abolitionists who opposed his idea of immediate termination of slavery. IN addition to it, Garrison was against the U.S. Constitution in terms of laws governing slavery and he publicly declares the constitution as a flawed document. Most of the former reformers considered this firm stand of Garrison as an unproductive for the overall movement. It was quite common for Garrison to receive threats for his life because of his outspoken views on slavery. The state of Georgia even issues a reward of $5,000 for the arrest of Garrison because of his public speeches. According to the historical facts, some of the Southern counties even declared bounty on his head for his stance against slavery. 2. Mexico was facing multiple internal struggles immediately after attaining independence from the rulers of Spain in 1821, which later verged to a civil war. However, the country was very much united when it came to the independence of Texas. The Mexican government was ready to go for a war if Texas was to be annexed in the westward expansion of the U.S. However, the ideology of Manifest Destiny received great support from Polk, America’s President, and both the nations went out for a war between 1846 and 1848. On an overall, there were several reasons that lead to this war, but the primary causes included the annexation of Texas by the U.S. government and the desire to own multiple Mexican territories. Mexico was attacked by the U.S. army on three different fronts and faced multiple defeats in the battlefield. The war ended with the capturing of Mexico City in September 1847 by the American General, Winfield Scott, and the Mexican administration’s agreeability for further negotiations. The war was particularly painful and disastrous for Mexico, which has to sign away multiple states including California, Utah, New Mexico, and Nevada along with other parts of the country. 3. Manifest Destiny found its origin in the 1840s. The main ideology behind Manifest Destination was regarding the destiny and expansion of America in the 19th century. According to Manifest Destiny, American was destined to stretch its territories from one coast to another. Manifest Destiny ideology was one of the main reasons behind the removal of Native Americans, the Mexican war, and western fuel settlement. Most of the Americans were of the opinion that expansion of their nation was a part of natural evolution. However, manifest destiny was fuelled by the racial superiority and the pervasive belief of Americans in their culture. It ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Study Guide for Final Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 4500 Words.
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