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Mount Everest 1996 - Case Study Example

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From the study, the writer clarifies that many attempts by climbers did not succeed due to rugged geographical terrain that barred most of…
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Mount Everest 1996
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Extract of sample "Mount Everest 1996"

Download file to see previous pages cted as guide to the expedition process were incompetent having only participated in climbing of other mountains that did not offer similar challenges to Mount Everest. Despite the fact that most guides to Mount Everest were local recruits, it is very clear that there was no formal corporate and association that offered guidance on how the expedition could be carried out. To add more to obstacles, the two leaders went ahead and hired professional climbers such as Frank Fischbeck, and Doug Hansen were not locals lacked proper authority to facilitate adequate form of assistance in case of any need for concern (Roberto, 2002).
The above assessment embraces negligence on the part of management and leadership experience. For instance, at the beginning of the expedition, Hall unsuccessfully failed to engage Jon Krakauer, a journalist with prentice magazine to help him mutually advertise to popularize his firm. The above is an indication that Hall had insufficient value for the business because a good manager can go to any extent to make any expenditure with anticipatory of high returns in the future. Based on NBC report and other local dailies in Nepal, there were several managerial issues that led to the failure of Mount Everest expedition process. Firstly, after numerous attempts without success, Fischer, one of the mountain climbers recruited Pitman, a New York socialite through a process that was perceived plum by some of his colleagues because the process did not take place through adequate consultation and pitman lacked adequate skills of adding impact to the organization (Roberto, 2002). Secondly, another team guided by Fischer consisted of misguided arrangements. For instance, Fischer incorporated his friend Dale, who had a persistent problem of high altitude sickness that was seen as a betrayal towards the success of the group. Besides, the above group also included a Scandinavian of female gender Gammelgaard, who attempted and reach the summit, but such ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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