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Into Thin Air Instructor Institution Date Into Thin Air In the book “Thin Air” as authored by Jon Krakauer are scenarios and experiences which reflect a case of decision making and mistakes which led to adverse consequences and loss of human life…
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Into Thin Air
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Download file to see previous pages The implications of decision making and persuasion of a group by a mountain climbing leader led to the death of nine people within a single day as a bad storm walloped up on Mount Everest (Krakauer, 2009). From the narration of Jon Krakauer, it is revealed that during this mountain climbing experience, three more lives were lost before a month elapsed. This mountaineering experience at Everest took place in the spring of the year 1996. In decision making, information or knowledge is one of the most crucial elements of a leader of a group. This is because if there is lack of knowledge, making of choices is not likely to be informed. For example the climbers in the case study had no knowledge that anything was likely to go wrong as they started their commercial expedition for the Everest Summit at the South Col. It is lack of any knowledge of what was ahead that persuasion was achieved and the group made a decision to go ahead with the expedition. Nonetheless, leaders of a group are obliged to make members aware of the risks which are associated with the decisions that they make (Robert, 2001). This is demonstrated in the case where it is said that all members of the mountaineering expedition were conscious of the possible trouble that they would face but they did not realize that it would lead to loss of lives and make it the worst mountaineering expedition at Mount Everest (Krakauer, 2009). ...
Experience makes leaders capable of making the right decisions and the success they attain inn decision making is attributed to the faith that members of a group have for such leaders and their persuasion appeal (Robert, 2001). The decision making of the climbing guide for the team was a fixed and strict turnaround timing which Hall put at 1 pm. It is notable that during the climbing experience most climbers did not adhere to the turnaround time as posted by the guide. This is seen by the fact that some climbers turned around at 3 pm (Krakauer, 2009). In this sense it can be argued that the guide of the climbing expedition was not able to successfully persuade the group of the importance that was attached t adherence to the turnaround time and the possible consequences that would emanated from decisions of failing to turnaround when expected. The decision Hall had for the group for the 1 pm turnaround proved to be very costly for the whole group. This is because of the fact that at this time the air at the mountain is very thin (Krakauer, 2009). It is in light of this sentiment that it is argued that the decision that was made by the leader of the group was not sufficiently informed. And if it was informed it s evident that the leader was ready to take risks associated to decision making. Nonetheless the ability of the leader in convincing the group to the 1 pm turnaround demonstrates how persuasion for a group would lead to decisions that are likely to lead to negative implications late on. Charisma and eloquence are usually attributed to the ability of leaders to make persuasive decisions that make members of a group convinced to follow suit to what is decided by the leader. In light of the case study, it can be argued that it is the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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