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Poitassium iodide as a radioprotector - Research Paper Example

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The only potential causes of large radioiodine emissions into the air is a disastrous accident within an operating nuclear reactor.In case of a nuclear event,detrimental and poisonous radioactive materials could be emitted into the environment…
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Poitassium iodide as a radioprotector
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"Poitassium iodide as a radioprotector"

Download file to see previous pages One of the major health risks comes from radioactive forms of iodine element, which could be taken up by the thyroid gland, consequently causing cancers as well as other incapacitating illnesses (Robbins & Schneider, 2003). Potassium Iodide (KI) is a vital component of any emergency preparedness kit and is typically aimed at survival after the occurrence of a radiological or nuclear event. Potassium iodide provides stable iodine which serves to counteract the effects of radioactive iodine. Radioactive iodine is essentially a by-product of a nuclear accident or a nuclear attack (Santen et al., 2003). The human body needs iodine for the purpose of creating as well as regulating thyroid hormones. Upon the entry of the radioactive version of the salt into the air or when it pollutes food, the thyroid gland will absorb the poisonous and dangerous chemical, and this will lead to contamination internally. Potassium iodide contains stable iodide which could stop the absorption of radioactive iodine even for the period of a nuclear event or radiological event. It is noteworthy that the thyroid gland will become filled with stable iodine and it would not be able to process more salt for twenty-four hours. Whist table salt also has iodine; it does not offer an adequate dose that would help in blocking the absorption of radioactive iodine (Likhtarev et al., 2002). ...
While the chemical serves to buffer the thyroid gland against poisoning, other body parts remain vulnerable to harm and injury. Radioactive iodine is just 1 of many particles and chemicals emitted into the air and food after a nuclear accident. Even though KI is certainly helpful, people must take caution and incorporate other medications and supplements in their emergency preparedness kits that are aimed at other health concerns. It is also notable that following the damage of the thyroid gland by radioactive iodine, KI is not able to reverse the damage (Santen et al., 2003). In spite of the increased levels of radioiodines that were detected in Poland following the nuclear disaster at Chernobyl in 1986, there were no further occurrences of thyroid illnesses in that region. This is primarily because the government of Poland dispensed roughly 18 million dosages of potassium iodide medicines in a manner that was well-timed, with virtually no adverse or serious effects on health (Santen et al., 2003). Timing of the distribution of potassium iodide is essential since if administration of KI is held-up by just 4 hours following the exposure to radioiodines, its efficiency and success is cut by ?. This reality has major policy connotations as it implies that local governments need to store the drug within the local community instead of relying on the national/federal or regional stocks that may take days before reaching the affected populace. Iodine131 has a half life of just 8 hours, and this means that the time required by people for protection is somehow narrow (Kulinowski, 2011). After a nuclear accident, the merits of KI far outweigh any risks involved. The familiar side ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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