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Allergies in southern florida - Personal Statement Example

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Allergies in Southern Florida South Florida is well known for its tourist attraction and so it is also known as a place to inflict allergy complications. I too had an allergy related complications during my stay to the place in spring a few years back. It would be appropriate to share some of the experiences and understanding related to the allergy complications…
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Allergies in southern florida
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Allergies in Southern Florida South Florida is well known for its tourist attraction and so it is also known as a place to inflict allergy complications. I too had an allergy related complications during my stay to the place in spring a few years back. It would be appropriate to share some of the experiences and understanding related to the allergy complications. Definition Allergy is defined as abnormal reaction of the immune system when a person comes into contact with certain substances such as molds, dust mite, pollens, danders, certain foods, smells, microorganisms. The body system of defense gears itself to fight against misidentified alien invaders. (Allergy - The Body's Reaction…2011) Mechanism The medical science does not know why some people are more prone or super sensitive to allergens but it is known that our immune system tends to react to higher allergy counts. Body takes these allergens as an invader and immune system goes through chain reaction to fight them. Those reactions develop certain symptoms that we, in common parlance, call them allergies. Our nose serves as first line of defense for our lungs as it filters the air that we inhale. Depending upon weather conditions our nose is assaulted by more allergens. Nose hairs try to trap airborne substances during our breathing process. Small quantities of pollen usually do not cause any damage to our lungs. Blood vessels inside the nose dilate when more harmful substances are present in the air. That is a mechanism to block entry to harmful particles. The system works fine with non-sensitive individuals but those with sensitive immune system react differently. Dilation of the blood vessel is an overreaction to the presence of these substances in the air causing swelling, inflammation, itching symptoms. (Allergy - The Body's Reaction…2011) Causes of Environment Allergies Spring is known as an allergic season for South Florida. Unusual bloom of mold spores, pollen is considered a primary reason for spreading of allergens in the atmosphere in South Florida. At times, vehicles can be seen coated with green and yellow to indicate that it is full of pollen. The months of February through April are critical months as pollens are found a plenty in the atmosphere; however, most of the months, South Florida is found to be at high level of airborne allergens. The weeds such as Ragweed, sorrel, mugwort release pollen in the fall. They release pollens for starting reproductive processes of the season. This increases pollen level in the air causing allergic reaction to all those who are sensitive. (Pollens 2011) Allergy Symptoms Some allergies are easy to identify and some are quite subtle in its appearance. Following symptoms provide clue about allergy triggers. (Allergic Rhinitis, 2011) a. Sneezing, running nose and eyes, sniffing or frequent nose rubbing b. Red rashes in the creases of the skin, ankles or wrists which are dry, itchy. c. Chronic cold-like symptoms that do not subside and lasts for more than a week. That is accompanied by runny nose, nasal choking, sneezing, and throat soreness. d. Throat and mouth feel repeated itching and tingling sensations. Itching is an indication of some allergy issue. e. Difficult breathing Treatment Process Allergic Rhinitis also called Hay Fever is caused due to inhaling pollens to which one is allergic. This is considered one of the biggest causes for the people suffering from allergic complications. There is no permanent cure for allergies but can be managed in three ways to diminish its effects. Avoiding Allergens It is not easy to avoid allergens all of the time. Studies inform that avoidance of allergens such as pollen is a good long term measure to avoid allergic triggers. Keeping tract with the weather forecast might help a lot to take necessary precautions. Air cleaner and air conditioner can help keep home free from mold spores and pollen. Immunotherapy Allergy shots also called immunotherapy can be taken to stimulate immune system. This helps body not to overreact when exposed to the same allergens. This kind of therapy is found to be effective with allergies from pollen, mites; however, this is a long term therapy and usually takes several months to several years to become effective. Decongestant They control the symptoms but not causes. They make the breathing easy by shrinking the swollen membranes. They are administered orally or by nasal spray. They should not be used for a longer period to avoid tissue dependence on the medication. Antihistamines They do not stop the formation of histamine hence cannot stop the allergic reaction. It protects tissues from the ill effects due to allergic trigger. Currently, a large range of antihistamines are available and can be taken as per the physician’s prescription. Corticosteroids When antihistamines and decongestant fail to provide relief to the patient having severe allergic reactions then corticosteroids are the medications prescribed to treat the patient. They protect patient from the rebound effect as noticed with the decongestant nasal sprays. (Allergic Rhinitis, 2011) References 1. Allergy - The Body's Reaction to Allergens (2011), online November 13 2011 2. Pollens (2011), online November 13 2011, 3. Allergic Rhinitis (2011), online November 13 2011, Read More
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