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This is an imaginative book, which uncovers the unusual tales of collectors who lived in the British Empire frontiers of Egypt and India.1 The frontiers were tracing their exploits to record the…
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Secondary sources analysis paper(not decide topic yet)
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Download file to see previous pages The book demonstrates how the traces of this world remain topical and tangible up to date.2 The book has been written using a provocative, persuasive, and innovative history work to support its thesis.
This study is going to construct a relationship between Jasanoff’s main argument of ‘collecting’ as a way of encountering East and West and post colonialism, which is one of the theme discussed in class. The book has called into the question of postcolonial evaluation by adopting a stereotypical view of Europeans in their relationship with Asians and Africans. Jasanoff goes further to argue against extremes of postcolonial scholarships. For instance, Jasanoff explains, “the imperial project was not a simple play out but the history of collecting reveals the complexities of empire; it shows how power and culture intersected in tangled, contingent, sometimes self-contradictory ways. Instead of seeing “collecting” as a manifestation of imperial power, I see the British Empire itself as a kind of collection: pieced together and gaining definition over time, shaped by a range of circumstances, accidents, and intentions. (p. 23).3 Jasanoff has demonstrated how every generation concerning itself with British Empire history has sought to reassess it based on the dynamic attitudes and circumstances. Today, emphasis is laid on ‘otherness’ and fusion as well border multiculturalism to favor a benign recollection of the past according to Jasanoff. Jasanoff stumbled a new look of the empire be accident. She was studying European collectors in India and Egypt who bought or plundered the artifacts of the ancient cultures that they came across and transported them to Europe.4 In the course of her esoteric study, she realized the ill-tutored mania of the imperial collectors as a metaphor that led to the formation of the Empire. This encompassed the haphazard acquisition of territories that founded the lineaments of a ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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