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The 1970’s and 80’s was marked by unwillingness of Olympics sports firms to combat doping among athletes, heighten drug testing and scientific research that supported claims by athletes that doping would yield better results. It is because of such claims that the German…
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History and Philosophy of Physical Education and Sport. Academic Secondary Sources and Media Sources paper
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Download file to see previous pages This program aimed at developing and nurturing athletes to win gold medals for the magnificence of East German. These athletes were sacrificed for the glory of the country. These athletes were treated as experimental guinea pigs for performance enhancing drugs and were dropped if they were not productive (Kremenik et al, 2007).
However, the facts of the East German case show that the athletes were forced to use the blue steroid pills. The athletes were informed that the pills were vitamin pills. This was a top secret plan that was pioneered by the Olympic head, Ewald (Kremenik et al, 2007). Because of their greed for East German’s magnificence, they lied to the athletes and eventually led to the deterioration of the health condition of numerous athletes. It is imperative to identify that the primary aim of Olympics is not just breaking records, but the feeling of energy that is generated. If athletics was about breaking records then every athlete would make attempts to enhance his or her performance by tying motors on their feet. Doping is a contentious and regular topic in athletics (Pound, 2010). The use of drug enhancing substances not only puts the health of the athlete in danger but also risks losing his or her medal. Athletes represent the vibrancy, human health and the satisfaction of potential. This constitutes the reasons why the International Olympics Committee does not allow doping. Notably, doping makes athletics unfair (Pound, 2010). Athletics should be fair and should offer a ground where the athletes are only differentiated by the level of their skills alone. However, the East German case is a different case where the athletes were subjected to the blue steroid pills. The International Olympics Committee was marred with a huge disconnect with scientific research and despite various researches that were ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(History and Philosophy of Physical Education and Sport. Academic Essay)
History and Philosophy of Physical Education and Sport. Academic Essay. https://studentshare.org/history/1637655-history-and-philosophy-of-physical-education-and-sport-academic-secondary-sources-and-media-sources-paper.
“History and Philosophy of Physical Education and Sport. Academic Essay”, n.d. https://studentshare.org/history/1637655-history-and-philosophy-of-physical-education-and-sport-academic-secondary-sources-and-media-sources-paper.
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