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Graduate Employability - Essay Example

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This essay mostly focuses on the issue of graduate employability. The researcher aims to discuss the needs and perceptions of graduate employers in the Information Technology field and Computing sector by analyzing the research of available jobs for the graduates…
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Graduate Employability
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Extract of sample "Graduate Employability"

Download file to see previous pages The Department of Trade also ranked Systems Software among the thirty fastest growing professions; Systems Software will grow by 30.4 percent by the year 2018 (Scott, 2012). Trading activities are going international with the increased rate of globalization. Nowadays, a trader does not have to travel to a foreign country in order to purchase merchandise or personal goods. Online orders and payments are sufficient to do financial transactions and transport goods to the buyer. Cross-border traders, therefore, require system developers and administrators to ensure that the transaction systems are updated. The next decade will be characterised three out of four new science and engineering jobs being in computing. For example, two hundred and ninety-five thousand and two hundred jobs (representing 27 percent of the new STEM jobs) will be in software engineering (Scott, 2012). STEM further projects that the number of jobs in Network Analysis and Administration will exceed the number of vacancies in traditional engineering by two hundred and thirty-five thousand, and seven hundred (Smeding, 2012). Basic computer literacy such as Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Access and Excel will not enable a prospective employee to secure these jobs. This is because these professional occupations further knowledge and skills gained through the study of Computer Science, Software Engineering and Information Systems. 1.1.1 Computer Science Computer Science will expose the students and job seekers to practical approaches of computation and its applications. Computer Science enables learners of IT/Computing to study the feasibility, mechanization, expression and structure of computer algorithms. The computer algorithms underlie storage, communication, acquisition, representing, and accessing...
The primary focus of this essay is to provide insights into the needs and perceptions of graduate employers in the Information Technology/Computing sector. This will be achieved by a close study of the jobs available, the requirements for employment, responsibilities of the employees and their remunerations. The report also covers the necessity of various skills and abilities required by employers, the level of graduate education required to fill the vacant positions, the challenges that companies face in recruiting graduates and views on how graduates can enhance their employability skills. The researcher mentions that the reader of the report will be able to identify the areas that are buoyant or depressed in IT and Computing; the information will be crucial to prospective employees and current students of Information Technology/Computing once they begin searching for jobs. The researcher of this report also focused on the employability skills of people aspiring to pursue courses in Information Technology/Computing. The esssay considered the general course of computer engineering, and the skills that employers require to hire candidates for computing-related jobs. Information Technology is a broad field of study that encompasses Computer Science, Software Engineering and Information Systems. In conclusion, the researcher also included in this report the descriptions of the occupations, that fall under Computer Science and the salaries that professionals in IT/Computing sector earn. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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