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The Impact of Studying Abroad on Graduate Employability - Essay Example

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This paper under the headline "The Impact of Studying Abroad on Graduate Employability" focuses on the fact that even though the labor market is officially past the recession, graduates only have a slightly better chance of getting desired well-paying jobs…
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The Impact of Studying Abroad on Graduate Employability
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Extract of sample "The Impact of Studying Abroad on Graduate Employability"

Download file to see previous pages There are different explanations that imply that studying abroad can actually improve a graduate’s employment prospects. Students may acquire abilities that are highly valued as a result of studying in foreign nations. While it is often believed that foreign language skills are the most visible advantage of studying abroad, there are other factors that can result in a graduate being considered in different workplaces. Skills and knowledge gained from studying abroad that are valued in the jobs marketplace In the first place, the exposure to distant cultures increases one’s cultural sensitivity and tolerance, both of which are cherished values given today’s diverse labor force. Employers are always searching for potential workers who are able to interact and communicate with persons of different cultures and nations (Orahood, Kruze, and Pearson 2004). Also, internationally experienced students are also more open to espousing different kinds of change. This means that they can readily adjust to new situations without needing too much help. Study abroad programs also help in making graduate students more positive and self-assured when facing different situations (Parey and Waldinger 2011). Such skills serve them well during job interviews. Internationally experienced graduates acquire a number of skills that other students cannot replicate. For example, they acquire the ability to handle constant change while also being informed about different working regulations in different countries (King, Findlay, and Ahrens 2010). They are also big risk takers and are not easily scared away when encountering unfamiliar situations. Internationally experienced graduates learn easily how to conduct themselves diplomatically in all situations and thus build relationships with people from different ethnic backgrounds. In some cases, these students are also able to execute leadership in spite of religious or cultural differences. They tend to have good cross-cultural skills, are mature, and self-motivated (Jones 2009). Positions/jobs graduates who studied abroad are more likely to secure There are many positions that internationally educated graduates have access to. For example, they can be appointed as their organization’s representative to foreign nations or as leaders of foreign branches (Varghese 2008). Due to their people skills, they can also work in the public relations division, or human resources department in various business organizations (Fielden, Middlehurst, and Woodfield 2007). They can also function as consultants for issues concerning international business. Internationally experienced graduates are also usually quite proficient in written speech. This is because they had to write often during their studies in order to communicate with family members or correspond with universities. Such skills give them the ability to be able to apply for jobs which require a lot of writing such as journalism (Cai 2012). There are also numerous jobs on the internet such as being a social media manager, which calls for one to have good communication skills and proficiency in various internet skills. They could also serve as online content creators, where they update the business’s status and write blogs. They could also successfully serve as customer service representatives and represent their companies. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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