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Strategy or strategies - Admission/Application Essay Example

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Choosing the right method to deliver the information is crucial to ensure that there is no major impact both to the workers and to the institution as…
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Strategy or strategies
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Relaying negative message to workers Relaying negative message to workers One of the many challenges that managers facein the management profession is how to convey negative information to workers. Choosing the right method to deliver the information is crucial to ensure that there is no major impact both to the workers and to the institution as well. In addition, the manager should ensure that a good relation must be maintained even after the information is delivered. However, holding back the information for the fear of how it will be taken should not be encouraged. This is because; the information may reach them on a different way with a major negative impact on them.
Therefore, as a manager, I would prepare an out of work party in a private place. The place would ensures confidentiality and accommodate all the workers comfortably. I will also ensure that I remove the managerial mask by dressing in a casual mode rather than in an official way. In addition, I will invite an outsider whom they can easily associate with (Kincer et al, 2010). However, I will avoid any speculation of the information until the right moment arises by ensuring that everyone is on a high note.
When delivering the news, I will use a soft and non-commanding voice at the climax of the party. I will not go directly to the point but instead, I will start by referring to the positive things we have gone through as a team (Kincer et al, 2010). Where possible, I will use jokes and ask rhetoric questions to divert the concentration of the workers. After delivering the message, I will not end the meeting abruptly but will allow them to continue with the party.
The reason or choosing this method is to ensure that everyone gets first hand information. Unlike when the workers wound receive the information individually, as a group they will support each other and discuss the information where necessary. In addition, the workers will feel respected (Kincer et al, 2010) when such information is delivered to them by the manager and more so when the manager freely associates with them directly. Moreso this will also reduce chances for rumors and negative perception.
Kincer, K. Jessica, Z. Jeri, C. Allisson, S. (2010). Giving bad news to a patient. Stanford, Stanford publisher. Read More
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