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The writer of this essay discusses the positive teachings he has learned at Wayland Baptist University with others in the community. A student at Wayland Baptist University demonstrates care, compassion, empathy, love, kindness, friendship and integrity amongst others…
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What Values Exemplify a Wayland Baptist University Student
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Wayland Baptist of What values exemplify a Wayland Baptist At Wayland Baptist University, students are taught a number of values that exemplify what the university stands for. A student at Wayland Baptist University demonstrates care, compassion, empathy, love, kindness, friendship and integrity amongst others. Such Christian values guide the interaction between students as a form of Christian distinctiveness. Wayland Baptist University students are compassionate to others. They also treat them with the love of Christ through their kind deeds. That is to imply that they empathize with others and strive to understand them through genuine care and friendship.
Besides, students at Wayland Baptist University are also sensitive to people from diverse backgrounds. They show respect and integrity by treating people from diverse backgrounds and indeed everyone, with care, kindness and compassion. That way, they become trustworthy and dependable for whatever duty they are called to serve because they do it from the bottom of their hearts. Other values that exemplify students at Wayland Baptist University are excellence and innovation. By understanding that every duty is a service unto the Lord God, students give their best to achieve excellent results. They also commit themselves to make effort to improve the world around them through innovation and research. That way, they come out as responsible members who are sensitive to the people and environment around them. Such values not only enable students to acquire positive attributes required in life, but also enhance their spiritual development.
Community Service through the knowledge and Attributes obtained at Wayland
Upon completion of my degree program at Wayland Baptist University, I will use the knowledge and attributes gained to do the following. First, I will use the knowledge and attributes gained to improve the community through being a community watchdog. From wherever disposition of life the Lord God shall grant me, I will use that platform to ensure that justice prevails in the society. That is to imply that I shall not hesitate to rebuke evil and corruption of human beings in the society. Human beings become corrupt before God when they advance their own self-interests at the expense of others. They oppress the widows and the orphans as well as the weak. They do not give the full measure of what others deserve to get in various bargains of life. As long as I shall be privy to such information, I will rebuke such deeds to promote fairness, justice and ethical behaviors.
I will also share the positive teachings I have learned at Wayland Baptist University with others in the community so that they can learn how to relate with God and others. That would ensure that they also understand why certain things have to be done the way they are done. Through understanding, they will also become fellow ambassadors of positive change in the community. Moreover, I will serve the community as a role model of how everyone should approach their service to the community. Such would entail being dependable, reliable, compassionate and competent, both leadership as well as in lower ranks.
Wayland Baptist University (2014). For the Future Generations: Strategic Plan. Retrieved from Read More
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