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University Students Employment - Essay Example

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This paper will speak about student employment which is any form of or type of activity in which students engage in and for which they get financial compensation in return. Student employment may occur within the campus or outside the property of the campus, and the employment may be full time…
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University Students Employment
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Download file to see previous pages The question that then arises is whether these employment opportunities affect their academic performance or not. Introduction An overwhelming majority of students take on paid employment in order to make ends meet in their daily needs both during the school term and the holidays. The average annual costs of education continue to soar by at least 6% calling for the need to bridge this cost through other modes of earning an income. According to education experts these additional costs require that the student generates more income through other sources or means. As the escalating costs of education continue to make the student more constrained, the students are left with no option but to seek for other funds for tuition. This explains why a majority of students taking their undergraduate studies are in paid employment. The work undertaken by the students is often unskilled and the pay is calculated at hourly rates. The motivation for the work undertaken by students is to pay for extras such as clothing, holidays and socializing underlining the main reason for employment activities by students as that aimed at improving the quality of life that students often live. Scope and purpose of study The study of the effects of the paid employment on the performance of the student has mainly covered students undertaking their undergraduate studies. There is little discussion as to the effects on students taking their postgraduate studies. A comparison has been made on the effect of employment while in campus that is the on-campus employment and off-campus employment of students. Performance of the student has been discussed in relation to how the paid employment affects them in their final GPA grades. The role played by the number of hours worked by particular student...
This essay stresses that students are therefore implored to be conscious of the number of hours they undertake in the employment opportunities though it is always difficult to know at what time work may become detrimental as working for considerably long hours may decrease GPA and lead to an increase in the time taken to graduate and further the drop outs. As a way forward, university student-employment authorities are encouraged to ask the students to look for financial aid through on-campus employment opportunities. Student employment offices are also asked to provide the students with resources that help them in time management as this will help the students excel both at school and at work that eventually benefits them in their post-college endeavors. Students have found better ways of covering for the extra hours spent in employment by compensating the hours spent in employment through the reduction of hours spent on leisure.
This report makes a conclusion that employment opportunities are always meant to improve the grades of a student especially if they foster attributes that are complementary to the academic success of the student but they may also affect the academic grades of the student through the reduction of the time and energy spent on the school work as compared to the hours in employment. What is required of the student will be a careful balance of the requirements of the employment opportunities and the academic performance. This can only be achieved through proper management of time by the student both at school and the work place. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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