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This report analyses the case of, a small company doing internet-based business in Ottawa’s High-tech Region, and gives expert suggestions in their human resources acquisition strategy. The company requires hiring up to seven employees. …
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Download file to see previous pages An overview of the total jobs in the company is given and a method for the division of labor is proposed. A detailed job description and specification of every employee is given and an outline of how the work-flow goes within the company is provided. Emphasis is given on reducing the operational and wages costs. Out of the two principal owners, one will be taking care of the administration side and timely generation of monthly reports to the venture capital firm while the other will coordinate the total marketing activity. By doing this, the company is expected to get a stable and consistent growth during the initial stages of its operation and also benefit in the bottom line.
The HRM processes have evolved in a big way. We are living in an era of boundary-free organizations which allows free flow of information, ideas, decisions, talent, rewards, etc across all kinds of boundaries including functional, national, etc. The complexity of HRM activities like recruiting, selecting, training, and rewarding employees varies from organization to organization. The case of explains how these processes are relevant even in such a small business dot-com company where the Director/manager may not have HR staff to rely on.
This report analyses the case of, a small company doing internet-based business in Ottawa’s High-tech Region, and gives expert suggestions in their Human resources acquisition strategy
The basic concept of this Website is to list a number of E-document based, Web-based, or CD-ROM-based, continuing education-type materials for people who are already employed and want to take a course from the comfort of their homes. The idea is that users could come to the Website to see what kind of materials are available and take a course according to their requirement and convenience.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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