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Why Do We Care - Essay Example

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Geography is a science as well as an art subject that deals with understanding the whole make up of the world that includes aspects of; climate, topography, population and the relation to various natural phenomena and their relationship to the existence of life on earth…
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Why Do We Care
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Extract of sample "Why Do We Care"

Introduction Geography is a science as well as an art that deals with understanding the whole make up of the world that includes aspects of; climate, topography, population and the relation to various natural phenomena and their relationship to the existence of life on earth. Geography has a broad array of branches that include physical, demography and natural geography (Macmillan, 18). Primarily as will be seen in the delved subsequent accounts it’s quite a key component both as a subject of study and futuristic Endeavour for students.
Importance of Geography to students
It is a career choice with a variety of explorative fields. This can be affirmed in delving into the broad spectrum of career paths that it offers- geologists, meteorologists, demographists, surveyors and many more professional fields. (Macmillan, 18).
Through it we gain the requisite knowledge in understanding the various natural phenomena that occur. In the long run we are able to combat and curb the disaster levels. A student well endowed in the geographical world would for instance be able to make a very successful farmer by the knowledge of disaster management in terms of floods and draught as well as predictability of climate in climatology.
Geography also plays a role in urbanization by affirming good and suitable areas for building; this can be related to geology and topography. Therefore, students are equipped with the understanding of development i.e. play a very vital role in architecture and Engineering.
As we rap up, it is very evident that Geography is a key component of study that delves into student’s endeavors. It is a herb that greatly offers a variety of professional choices as well as equipping the learner to face the world at an added advantage.
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Kendra, Dr. Angelina. "Introduction to Geography." Geography for advanced levels. N.A., N.A. Web. 14 May 2014. . Read More
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Why Do We Care Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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