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Becoming who we are - Essay Example

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This would in turn make us happy because of the ability to communicate.
The internet as a mode of communication has greatly improved the manner…
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Becoming who we are
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Extract of sample "Becoming who we are"

Download file to see previous pages For instance, my mother constantly updates the photos of herself in face-book platforms, so that her friends and peers may comment on them. This has an impact of shaping her identity and values, specifically because the comments normally determine the manner in which people are able to view her. For instance, I remember that one time, she was able to post a photo on her face-book platform, and she had put on some weights. This was able to attract a lot of comments from her friends, who suggested to her on the various methods that can be used for purposes of cutting on her weight. This was one of the values that was being decimated ton her, that weight increase is not desirable. Telephones, specifically smart phones and mobile telephones play a role in shaping our values and attitudes. As a young person, I am interested in the sending of short messages, to my friends, as a mode of communication. We normally communicate on a variety of issues, ranging from sports, relationships, and politics. This has an impact of shaping my values and attitudes, mostly because I am able to know on the values and perceptions of others regarding a topic, and reflect on it, if, they are able to reconcile with my values and perceptions. This is because every human being has some elements of beliefs and values (Steinem, 3). The personality of an individual can also be influenced through the methods used in communication. For example, mobile phone texting enables younger people to chat with each other, and these results to the passage of some information that may not be conducive. This would in turn lead to changes in the personalities of an individual, mainly because of the kind of information passed, during the process of chatting.
Explanation 2: Because of the emergence of the new methods of communication, many people have replaced the traditional methods of communication with these new forms of communication. This has made it difficult for an ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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