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Performance Appraisals - Essay Example

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Performance appraisal is an irreplaceable part of the business world. The paper will analyze several important aspects of the concept of performance appraisal such as the questions that it answers, the frequency of its performance, the ultimate goal and the practical applications of performance appraisal…
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Performance Appraisals
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Download file to see previous pages This paper declares that performance appraisal is more important for the people who are assessed if compared to those who assess. However, many companies were able to put emphasis on providing feedback to the later; that is why every performance appraisal results in gradual improvement of the assessment mechanism. In other words, the employees may express their vision of how the process can be changed in order to reflect better the peculiarities of one’s performance. So, the appraisals that will be performed latter will be more accurate and more helpful than the original ones.
This essay makes a conclusion that having examined all the points that were mentioned in the paragraphs above, one should make the following conclusion: it is beyond any doubt that performance appraisals are essential for developing and maintaining a positive and effective relationship between employer and employee. This can be seen in numerous aspects. For example, an employee is able to gain a better understanding of what is expected of it and how one is doing to meet those expectations. The change in the cycles of appraisal has changed significantly the function that they perform, leading to making them more useful. Another point that should be mentioned is that performance appraisal allows the company to manage and align the contribution of employees, leading to harmonisation of relationships in the working place. Finally, this concept serves many different roles all of which are beneficial for every party. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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