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Organizational review - Essay Example

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The research conducted was to try and find out the techniques being use within the company to keep up the employee spirits and also to help improve motivation and commitment to the organization. Based on…
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Organizational review
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Download file to see previous pages All these factors and a lot of other factors are discussed which allows both the employee and employer to improve the productivity of the employee which in turn improves the efficiency and profitability of the business.
Wal Mart has made its place in the Fortune 500 and on the basis of revenue Wal Mart has advanced its position from the second largest company in 2006 to the largest company in 2007. This can only be possible with the help and complete satisfaction of the employees of the company. This report aims at discussing how the company builds and sustains job satisfaction among the employees. Also the main focus is going to be on the pay system that the company used and how this helps in the employee motivation to be improved. The following section will deal with the background of the company which will allow for an understanding of the kind of company Wal mart is and the extent to which the company has grown. Further this, the company and its employee will be discussed, which will help gain a brief perspective before moving on to the techniques used by the company to improve and sustain customer satisfaction.
Wal-Mart has been in the industry since 1962. The company was started with a vision of becoming the world leaders in retailing. Over the past years the company has been able to gain the position of the world’s largest retail company and is thrice as big as its closest competitor. The company’s mission has always been to provide the customers with best products and services at reasonable prices. The company’s main values and beliefs are – respecting individuals, service to the customers and striving for excellence. The company’s signature for almost five decades has been ‘Everyday low prices’. The company’s main stakeholders are the shareholders, customers and employees (Wal-mart, 2008). This report ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Organizational Review Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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