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In the paper “Employee Appraisals” the author analyzes performance appraisals, a method that ensures that employees stay relevant and that they put forward their best performances for the benefit of the corporation; how performance appraisals can help the company achieve its strategic objectives.

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Employee Appraisals
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Download file to see previous pages Concerning communication, informal discussions may take place on a daily basis. This method is very crucial in providing immediate feedback and help steer changes more easily and at times more conveniently. Formal appraisals are more detailed and properly laid down. They are known to provide the management and the employees the opportunities they need to review prior performance, discuss, or communicate expectations of each party, and make plans for the future development of the company.
If the employees have their weaknesses pointed out, there is no doubt they will want to improve. As mentioned above, performance appraisals are helpful in communicating the expectations of a job. If the employees are continually informed on what is required of them, they will not be acting blindly but will be having the goals of the company on mind. The understanding on the roles they are supposed to play in the business that makes it possible to increase their performance. In other words, the system helps the employee prioritize on their duties. Most employees may feel detached from their jobs if the relationship between them and their supervisors is a master-servant one. The performance appraisals work effectively in opening the lines of communication between the two parties thus making the employees feel like they are business partners. The strategic advantage created in this case is one that sees a system foster its employees’ performance and in turn boost the prospects of success for the business. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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“Employee Appraisals Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words”, n.d. https://studentshare.org/human-resources/1677981-employee-appraisals.
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