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BEAUTY SALON/SPA staff HAND BOOK - Essay Example

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Beauty Fab Employee Handbook Mission Statement: Our mission is to provide to our customers a high level of professional service from a well educated staff that can provide consultation and expert application of services. We are committed to providing a variety of high level products that meet the satisfaction of our team in quality and effectiveness in order to promote a full service atmosphere to extend the experience of the customer into their beauty rituals at home…
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Download file to see previous pages The next level of recruitment involves looking for staff members who can train with the more experienced professionals in order to encourage a high level of expertise with the more experienced staff members sharing their knowledge and real world education with those members who are at the beginning of their career. No staff member may work on customers who has not met established levels of expertise as defined by those with experience, knowledge and talent enough to set the standard. Appraisals Employee appraisals will begin at the end of the first 90 days of employment and continue on an annual basis. Additional consultations with employees will be given as needed if problems arise throughout each year of employment. The appraisals will include discussions on performance level, customer commentaries, and will address any mistakes or complaints that have been submitted by customers during the time period being evaluated. Some of the important aspects of the appraisal will be to assess the improvements made during the period, the advancement of their career and position within the company, any deficits in improvement, and how future improvement needs must be met. Disciplinary and Grievance Policies Both disciplinary and grievance issues will be at the discretion of the immediate supervisor of the employee. Should disciplinary action be required, the supervisor will follow prescribed policies in accordance with law and within reasonable limits that are in line with the company norms. Any action that is taken that will have consequences that effect the business must be first discussed with the manager of the salon and the owner in order to assess whether or not the action will have an overall benefit to the business. Grievances must be taken to the immediate supervisor with subsequent information passed up the chain of command if a satisfactory solution is not presented at that level. By-passing an immediate superior must be done with good cause or disciplinary action will be taken. Training and Development Plan The salon will take an active role in developing the skills of employees in order to provide services that both reflect the aesthetics of the salon and the latest innovations in beauty care and ritual. More experienced employees will be responsible for training new talent in order to create an equal and consistent level of service to customers. Employees will not take a proprietary stance on their skills, but participate in an open culture of sharing skill acquisition and information in order to work towards uniformly providing the best possible service and expert care to customers. A specific structure will be put into place where identities of employees will be named through apprenticeship, mentorship, and teaching roles. All members of the team will participate in continuing education programs and the internal learning systems. Health and Safety Policies First and foremost, all public policies and laws will be followed diligently in regard to how business is conducted in order to provide the highest level of safety and security within the salon. Secondly, checklists and habits will be implemented to ensure that the salon is kept clean ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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