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Training Responsibilities of Supervisors and Managers - Dissertation Example

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In the paper “Training Responsibilities of Supervisors and Managers,” the author discusses the training responsibilities of supervisors and managers who are not a part of the HRD department. He prepares a list of what the responsibilities might be and a rationale his choices…
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Training Responsibilities of Supervisors and Managers
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Extract of sample "Training Responsibilities of Supervisors and Managers"

Download file to see previous pages The supervisors and managers, therefore, have a responsibility to look after the needs and aspirations of the employees who work under their aegis and are trying their utmost to give in the best, on a proactively consistent basis. The training realms within any organization remain significant in entirety because the training modules teach so much more than merely training the employees. They tell them the basics related to conducting their respective chores, tasks, and undertakings. They also dictate the exact basis through which work processes get manifested in entirety. What is even more significant is an understanding that the supervisors and managers play their necessary roles at inculcating the kind of training that is needed by the organization in essence. The HRD department is therefore dependent on the supervisors and managers but what is ambiguous is the fact that these supervisors and managers are not a part of this HRD philosophy at all. The supervisors and managers hold the fort for the organization when it comes to training and its imparting for the sake of the employees who are present in different departments of the organization. The organizations, therefore, find the best ways and means through which the HRD can become an independent department and work on its own to achieve the end objectives and results; all of which remain significant on a proactive basis. The list of responsibilities might comprise of preparing training procedures and plans for the employees, drafting policies which can tell them exactly what to expect of their relevant domains both in the short term as well as in the long run, and coordinating with clients and stakeholders on a constant basis. The training procedures are important to ascertain because these take into consideration the aspects of inculcating the true spirits of the organization on to the employees who remain significant during such undertakings. The supervisors and managers need to come out of their related realms to make sure that the employees are on track and are able to complete their jobs in a proper way. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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