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Men and women equally share the same duties and responsibilities at the workforce as equals. There are no longer specifications on certain duties and responsibilities at the workplace as a reserve for…
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Diversity Training Manual: Part III
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Diversity Training Manual: Part III Task Gender Issues in Human Resource In today’s economic world, there are no duties set aside for either gender. Men and women equally share the same duties and responsibilities at the workforce as equals. There are no longer specifications on certain duties and responsibilities at the workplace as a reserve for men while others a reserve for women. This was the work setting considered in the traditional economy whereby it stipulated various job descriptions as a reserve for the male gender and others a reserve of the female gender. As such, no one from a different gender would get an opportunity to work in a position set aside for his or her opposite gender. However, these gender-based career options discriminated against women. It reserved the best positions and jobs in the company for men, jobs that require intellectual might and expertise, such as executive mangers, accountants, auditors, engineers, and lawyers. Women got menial jobs such as secretaries, janitors, and cleaners (Talwar, 2006, p. 129).
HR managers should ensure that all departmental managers, as well as supervisors and leaders in the organization adopt and embrace gender equality within the organization. This is through creating portions that specifically address issues related to gender equality with a goal of training and raising sensitivity issues for all leaders in the organization regarding potential gender issues. This portion should incorporate sections on how a supervisor is to handle certain gender-based issues at the work place without creating conflicts or strife between the two genders. For instance, a supervisor should never hand out work assignments that she or he feels are better suited for a certain gender, but should base their assignment or allocation of duties on merit and experience of workers. It is therefore wrong for such a supervisor to write a job requirement that only one gender can meet, such as a job requiring only strength. When writing job descriptions, the supervisors should put them open for all genders to apply and qualify.
The United States has an active affirmative act that protects women against gender-based bias, discrimination, or violence, especially at the work place. This act ensures that no woman suffers any form of discrimination at the corporate level because of her sex. This enables female workers to access every job opportunity in the country on an equal platform as their male counterparts, as employment, recruitment and selection relies on merit and experience rather than on strength, beauty or other gender based affiliations. The female workforce in the United States is just as big in number as compared to the male workforce as more and more women strive to become independent and to support themselves. Furthermore, more women in the country are single mothers or the sole breadwinners in their families, thus their need to work even harder to earn a sustainable living through a secured employment contract (Talwar, 2006, p. 129).
Following the precedence set by the landmark ruling on Griggs v. Duke Power case, it is imperative for HR managers to be particular when drafting their job descriptions to ensure that they do not lock out anyone because of his or her race, gender, religion, or any line of differentiation. This ensures all workers get an equal opportunity for employment and absorption into the company. Furthermore, when introducing a new female worker to a department comprising of male only, the HR manger should introduce the woman as an equal member of the team, and not as a special person or a weak link that requires lesser duties or favoritism while performing their duties.
Talwar, P. (2006). Human Resource Management. New York: Gyan Publishing House. Read More
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Diversity Training Manual: Part III Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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