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The need for corporate training is increasing due to the globalization of many businesses, the standardization of many business processes and the need to communicate more efficiently among various departments within an organization. …
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Corporate Training Methods
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"Corporate Training Methods"

Download file to see previous pages In the online environment learning is group paced, so all participants must be able to learn information at about the same speed. Self-paced technology training is often provided when new applications, systems or business processes are incorporated. Most employees participate in technology training in “the context of their employment, and they usually engage in conversations about the course with colleagues and managers”(Dobrovolny). I prefer this method of technology training for most most employees. As a manager or supervisor I will make sure that either someone within my organization knows enough about the new process or technology that will be used or I will bring in a professional who is experienced with it. I want employees to feel comfortable in their own environments while learning. I also want to encourage them to ask questions and to make learning something new that they may use on their jobs, as a positive experience. The best way to engage employees in the learning process is to provide them will all the tools such as workstations, computers and software they will need. I must also ensure that each employee works at his or her own pace, as the goal for the technology training is competency, not speed. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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