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Training and Development in the Companies - Essay Example

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This essay talks about the needs of the training modules, the retail chain initiates numerous measures to prepare the workforce in J Sainsbury, Plc, the renowned retail chain of the United Kingdom. Sainsbury has a dedicated system of review known as Performance Development Review…
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Training and Development in the Companies
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Download file to see previous pages The essay "Training and Development in the Companies" talks about the needs of the training modules, the retail chain initiates numerous measures to prepare the workforce in J Sainsbury, Plc, the renowned retail chain of the United Kingdom. Sainsbury has a dedicated system of review known as Performance Development Review. The Tesco company has implemented dedicated programs of training and development of its highly skilled work force so that it can align with the changing needs and dynamics of the business environment. The same is true for the other prominent retail chain of the country, J Sainsbury. The company is one of the closest competitors of Tesco and so was selected to be the other grocery chain to carry out the report.
J Sainsbury, Plc has been the renowned retail chain of the United Kingdom. The organization is celebrating its 140th year of establishment this very year and therefore has come up with a whole lot of schemes and promotional offers to cater to the changing purchasing needs of the customers. To ensure efficient and effective training sessions, at the outset it is important to identify the areas in which training is required. For the purpose, Sainsbury has a dedicated system of review known as Performance Development Review. Through the Performance Development Review, all the employees of the company discuss the issue of career development with the respective managers and also consider the progress made towards the double objective of organizational goal. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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