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Training and Development Task 1 - Essay Example

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Labor is the key factor that shapes and arranges the raw materials to form the final usable product. Human input in the production process primarily defines the production of services. Human resource,…
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Training and Development Task 1
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Download file to see previous pages irectly, there are safety precautions that must be in place, and observed with utmost care as demanded by most of the occupational health and safety regulations (Brumitt & Human Kinetics (Organization), 2010). In many industries, people have succumbed injuries caused by poor human resource management. Professionalism, besides safety management is a crucial consideration as far as managing human input is concerned. Employees should be adequately equipped with the appropriate skills required in various production areas, which calls for sufficient implementation of training and talent development measures. The proper establishment of favorable working conditions is also important to this pursuit – management of human resource in the residential roofing installation company. When the employees are safe and enhanced professionally, they would eventually attain the highest performance ratios (Landy & Conte, 2010).
To initiate the training and development programs successfully, a needs assessment should be conducted effectively. The management should conduct the systematic process of addressing and determining the needs emanating from the current and desired conditions. To identify the need appropriately, the measurement of the wanted (future) conditions as well as the current conditions is imperative. This would help notify the needs of the operational situations that need to be tackled in the process of human resource management. Numerous requirements are needed to curb the challenges faced by the company to ensure employees are safe and well cared for during their operations such as the use of safety tools besides training. Conducting the needs assessment, prior to training, helps the company in many ways. For instance, it enables the company to identify the prospective needs for the production process. The needs assessment procedures also establish the nature and causes of needs experienced by the company. Lastly, by the realization of the needs, their causes and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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