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Compare between two companies Name Professor Institution Course Date Introduction This piece of work will exceptionally focus on Human Resource Management (HRM) Practice of training and development. It shall also narrow down to training and development as incorporated by the Qatar petroleum and Coca cola Company as well as try to give an in-depth description of this HRM practice…
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Compare between two companies
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Download file to see previous pages This is also evident in HRM where the two words are mostly used in the same context. However, the two words have different precisions in that training stands as both a segment of as well as a pre-condition for training. Training entails the changing of behaviors of non-managers and this may be through such efforts as vocational education among others (Noe, 2002). Conversely, development would be involves building managers whether individually or as a group for future needs. Development does not focus upon immediate needs but rather future demands. Building employees at an individual level entails such actions as mentoring them as well as conducting a self-analysis of each employee personally. Contrary, developing workers as groups would includes letting them engage in outdoor trainings meant to increase their competence. Therefore, whereas training focuses on imparting employees with skills to tackle their current tasks, development focuses upon future engagements. Training arises out of various needs that a company may point out. For example, training may be to ascertain that employees match with the procedures stipulated for the said company, or it may for aligning the employees with the ethics of a particular company (Pride et al, 2010). Training process includes such measures as identifying organizations as well as the HRM’s strategies to make sure that the two do not conflict. The other step includes identifying the need or areas that call for training. What follows is the training and an evaluation to check the efficiency of the process. Various methods may be suited for either training or development. For example On –the-job-, this happens when an inexperienced person learns under the supervision of a worker already acquainted with skills. Classroom – whereby, trainees get into classroom situations to learn skills. Role-playing- This happens when a trainee works in another person’s job or placement to understand it best (Pride et al, 2010). Simulations- This occurs when employees have to take training away from their job areas to get away from the baffles associated with work and engage seriously in training. Training entails various accrued benefits and one of them would be ensuring that employees match with the organization’s goals. It also brings about improved skills to enable people tackle their jobs effectively and there is lowered labor turn over (Aguinis & Kraiger 2009). In addition, trained employees display heightened morale while going about their jobs. Disadvantages associated with training include the fact that it may render a financial burden upon an organization in that it at times calls for lots of capital. Background of the two companies Coca cola Coca Cola Company traces its roots in 1886 at the heart of USA. The company stands in recent times as a leading manufacturer in soft drinks globally. It also boasts of being the biggest distributor and spearheads marketing of soft drinks as well. It sells an estimated 6,000,000 drinks a day. The company serves over 200 states globally and has a vision of making the best profits and creating the best job platform, where employees derive motivation from what they do (Cola, C. 2011). The company’s mission is that it aspires to refresh the globe with their wide range of drinks as well as make a difference in their manufacture and supply of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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