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Now that we are in times of globalization and internationalization, international Human Resource (HR) management is turning out to be an impact concept for HR experts to know and practice. This is quite vital for HR managers in international corporations when it comes to…
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Coursework assignment
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Download file to see previous pages business to compete more successfully in the world marketplace and in its excellent development tool for its workforce (PRASAD, 2012: 24).The International Human Resource manager is thus supposed to consider a number of aspects when working in multinational aspects, which includes; laws of the country, the culture of people, and work conditions for expatriate as well as the local employees, and pay expectations.
Human resource practitioners and managers usually encounter problems, for a number of reasons, when sending employees on international duties and projects sometimes with disastrous results (HALVERSON, & TIRMIZI, 2008: 9). A different major reason could be that HR managers send employees on international duties without offering them the necessary training or allowing a period for the transitional phase (ILES, & ZHANG, 2013: 67). During this period, the human resource managers need to develop the necessary and required leadership skills for their employees, according to the employee’s level of authority in the host country, come up with the structures, and obtain the human resource as well as the international procedures and policies of the organization in place, which is also applicable for HR managers when sent on international duties.
Companies are directed by people who have features and basic expertise which allow them to bond with the firms as well as people involved with the business. Human resource managers are thus supposed to be able to meet the numerous difficulties of performing their commitments. Human resource managers thus presume a number of roles which entail being a supervisor, figurehead, representative, and the allocator of assets as well as the resources (WILTON, 2013: 7). They put down and achieve the firm’s objectives by planning, ordering, directing as well as controlling (NOE, 2013: 127).
The human resource managers are also concerned with the global alignment and coordination of international HR policies as well as ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Coursework Assignment Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 Words.
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