The staff recruitment and selection policy of IKEA in China - Essay Example

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The HR plays the role of ensuring that the employees’ performance is positive as well as organizational outcomes. Selection of workers is made to add the work force in the business as…
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The staff recruitment and selection policy of IKEA in China
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THE STAFF RECRUITMENT AND SELECTION POLICY OF IKEA IN CHINA by Thestaff recruitment and selection policy of IKEA in China
Recruitment and selection are the work of the Human Resources managers in an organization. The HR plays the role of ensuring that the employees’ performance is positive as well as organizational outcomes. Selection of workers is made to add the work force in the business as well as, an increase the productivity (Czinkota & Ronkainen, 2007, p. 172). Therefore, the selection and recruitment process should be elaborate and clear to ensure that all applicants are selected without discrimination. In IKEA, they promote diversity and by so doing, they select employees from all over the world.
The recruitment and selection policy of IKEA is value driven and espouses s teamwork, simplicity, communicative forthrightness and urgency. The core values of IKEA are employee empowerment, flexibility, dynamism and cost consciousness (Smith, 2010, p. 70). Advertising is the main means of design that IKEA uses to emphasize these values. Job at IKEA webpage is used to communicate the core value of the Chinese company. A cost effective campaign is carried out, which is used directly to harness the customer base of the business.
IKEA wants to recruit about 8,000 people over the next five years. IKEA employees must have certain characteristics in order for them to be selected in the company. These characteristics are important compared to specific experiences and qualifications. The applicants must be down to earth; they must be well with other employees and must have a sense of humor (Bach & Edwards, 2013, p. 19). IKEA wanted to attract the right candidate and through the spirit of advertising, they would attract a large number of applicants who were good at their work.
The selection process involved bringing together twenty potential candidates who had some specifications that IKEA required that is education, experience, age and attitude. The group of twenty would be given a series of questions and a personal interview with the panel of the board of directors. After the selection process, the applicants will undergo training, which involves traditional classroom courses. Co-workers in the company are requested to master current jobs as well as seeking new opportunities hence, they are allowed to apply for new job opportunities in IKEA.
Through the selection process, emphasis is put on the value fit as selection criteria. After the applicants have been selected, employees who have worked in the organization previously are requested to assist the new coworkers adjust in the company through mentorship (Rothacher, 2004, p. 114).  The reason they chose co-workers to assist the new co-workers in the organization is to ensure that there is coordination in the way the employees work as well as teamwork. In the mission, statement of IKEA states that the company values team work and for that reason, the human resource finds it easy to allow other employees to mentor the new employees.
IKEA offers educative programs to new employees to ensure that they are up to date with the information pertaining to the organization. For instance, people who are recruited in Australia need to be educated on the products produced in China, and how to handle the clients from different occupations. Therefore, after recruiting employees who satisfy the characteristics required by IKEA, they are given compensation and benefits that will make them motivated while working for the company (Dowling, Festing & Engle, 2008, p. 89).  IKEA does not require many educational or specific requirements of the applicants; all it requires is that applicants are down to earth, as this will enable them to work with all employees as the company promotes diversity. Additionally, they emphasize on teamwork because employees who work as a team always have high productivity and innovation.
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