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The communication methods tried will include Skype meeting. Face-to-face meeting, email communication, letter communication, and texting. The students will be…
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Instructional Tool This exercise will be used as an instructional tool to demonstrate the effectiveness of different communication methods. The communication methods tried will include Skype meeting. Face-to-face meeting, email communication, letter communication, and texting. The students will be divided into groups, each comprising two students. Each group will have a sender and a receiver. For each method of communication, the senders in the groups will be given separate tasks to communicate to the receivers. After each method of communication has been tried, the students will be asked to compile their observations and experiences in the form of a written report. The reason for making senders and receivers in each group is to have clearly defined roles in communication so that the communication can be analyzed from both perspectives. Besides, students’ roles as senders and receivers will be altered from one method of communication to another so that everybody has a fair chance to analyze communication from both roles. Students will be asked to share the requirements of each method of communication, barriers to effective communication in each method, and pros and cons of each method of communication. Having undergone the exercise and tried each method of communication, students will be expected to have a detailed insight into the various methods of communication employed in the contemporary industry. This understanding will help them make informed decisions while deciding the appropriate means and methods of communication in the various business contexts. Students’ reflective reports will be discussed in the class so that everybody is equally informed on the various challenges, weaknesses, strengths, and opportunities presented by the different communication methods. Read More
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