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Email communication - Term Paper Example

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The advancement in technology has brought better ways of communication between companies and their customers. Similarly, the advancements in technological networks have sped the delivery of information from one person to…
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Email communication
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Download file to see previous pages Organizations use Email communication for the immediate delivery of information (Calvert 3). Email information is sent and received almost instantly to someone thousand miles away or in the next door. Using Emails helps organizations streamline their external and internal communication networks. It contributes to faster and easier transmission and dissemination of information (Storm 3). Moreover, it also allows for instant and real-time business status updates that are essential for any business to grow and compete effectively. The continuous flow of relevant information through Email communication makes the organizational staffs more efficient and productive as they can respond to any arising issues (Storm 3).
Email communication is one of the best methods businesses adopt as a record keeping strategy (Calvert 4). Email messages during communication remain in the inbox for many years unless one deliberately deletes. Similarly, one can filter the inbox messages in relation to dates sent, sender, subject among others within the shortest time possible. It offers virtual record keeping making many organizations adopt it as opposed to traditional methods characterized by papers and other printed documents filed and stored in drawers. Additionally, Email record keeping makes it easy when sharing information with another party since it only requires one to click and forward it to the intended party. Because of this, Email communication brings efficiency in business since it offers many services with just one message.
Organizations are using Email communication to save on the cost (Storm 7). Emails are one of the cheapest means of communication an organization can use, internally and externally. Small businesses use the free sign up email providers such as Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail among others, to enhance their internal and external communications with customers (Storm 7). Moreover, they ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Email Communication Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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