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The paper "E-mail Marketing" highlights that Email is an extremely influential marketing tool. Still, in the presence of spammers abusing the medium, email can still be utilized and is yet valued through users for rich, timely, and enticing information plus advertisements…
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E-mail Marketing
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Electronic mail (E-mail) refers to the transmission of data, information, text, and files using a computer network. In the past, email was one of the primary services on the Internet, helping researchers and scientists working on government-sponsored projects to be in touch with colleagues working at different locations. While at the present, email is a major communications techniques for both personal and business use. In business communication, it is used for marketing purposes (Shelly, Cashman and Vermaat 91). The use of email for marketing purpose is aknowledged as email marketing. Garrett (2008) defines email marketing as a form of direct marketing that utilizes the structure of the electronic mail as a way of communicating the audience. This communication can be commercial or fundraising messages (Garrett). Goettel (2009) defined email marketing as a technique of promotion through which organizations send e-mails with the intention of developing a relationship of a business with its present or previous clients also to promote customer loyalty and repeat business.
Anuja (2006) states that the Internet is growing with fast speed and due to this rapid growth there is a need for the speedy and more powerful technique of marketing. It is assessed that people spend more time on the web in reading a magazine/newspaper, watching TV or other media. It creates infinite more sense to concentrate and advertise through online marketing because it is cheap and hits business prospects directly (Anuja).
There is no physical boundary for email marketing. It is tremendously low-price to initiate an email campaign when contrasted to other marketing channels. The cost of transmitting emails is extremely low. Typically an email will cost less than a cent (Yuan).
Some main advantage outlined by the Anuja (2006) and (Garrett) regarding email marketing is its (Anuja):
Measurable results
Targeted marketing
Highly personalized
Round the clock marketing
Global reach without any boundary
Lower cost
Quick response
Some major difficulties outlined by Garrett (2008) regarding email marketing are (Garrett);
Branded a spammer
Breaking the law
Alienating readers
Delivery issues Read More
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