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In an effort to determine which type of communication method (Internet Chat Relay, Lotus Live, Twitter) is most effective for organization whether for intrapersonal communications or for interactions with their customers, the essay includes an analysis of all featured methods …
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Types of Communication Method for Organization
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Running Head: FINAL PROPOSAL DRAFT Final Proposal Draft and Future Recommendations Here School Here FINAL DRAFT PROPOSAL In an effort to determine which type of communication method is most effective for organization whether for intrapersonal communications or for interactions with their customers, the final draft will include an analysis of all featured methods. With these methods including Internet Chat Relay, Lotus Live, Twitter, previous assignments also featured the company MasterCard to discuss how they use various communication methods to work with their clients. The critical factors from these assignments that will need to be transposed into the final product will include the distinct features of these methods as well as the data compiled concerning their usefulness and effectiveness. In addition to these aspects, the final draft needs to include information on what distinguishes these methods as better than others.
With these necessary factors established, potential future steps for this project include determining the best way to decipher this information. In regard to determining which communication method works best, it seems that it would be most effective to survey a sample of customer service based organizations to see which method they use to get their information out. In addition to these survey choices, there is also the option to send out survey questionnaires to customers to see what communication methods they feel work best in building their relationship with the companies. The potential issues with this notion are the ideas that customers could give a generic response or not respond at all. Other curveballs that may interfere with this type of information garnering include gauging how businesses use these communication methods for their various purposes. For example, if organizations use Lotus Live for a meeting, that would have different
meanings and techniques versus a deaf client who calls a pharmacy with the help of the Internet Relay Chat in an effort to refill a prescription.
In moving forward, I feel these steps would be the best because there needs to be correlation between the gathered evidence to produce an effective and sound argument for the final paper. The reason to tie the statistical evidence about each of these communication methods with data from actual businesses is to demonstrate which of these methods are actually most effective. Regardless of what statistics and background information gathered, this research is essentially useless for proving a sound thesis without the real-life application of actually determining how these communication methods are being used in the actual world. I feel this course of action is justified as it lays out a plan of what I want to do with the research I have already done as well as the work I intend to do to further complete this project.
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