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Impact of Communication, Culture and Diversity on Virtual Team Effectiveness - Case Study Example

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The study "Impact of Communication, Culture, and Diversity on Virtual Team Effectiveness" will attempt to address the impact of the aforementioned factors on the effectiveness of virtual team at INT Corporation EMEA. The study shall explore how leadership operates in the virtual teams…
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Impact of Communication, Culture and Diversity on Virtual Team Effectiveness
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Extract of sample "Impact of Communication, Culture and Diversity on Virtual Team Effectiveness"

Download file to see previous pages More than once, communication, culture, and diversity have been observed to impact significantly on the effectiveness of virtual teams across the globe. The following proposal will specifically attempt to address the impact of the aforementioned factors on the effectiveness of virtual team at INT Corporation EMEA.
With the advent in communication and transport, study findings have variously indicated that the world has constantly been shrinking to become a ‘global village’ where individuals can reach all corners in no time. This development has similarly necessitated organizations separated by time, distance, culture and language to come up with virtual teams for doing business internationally. The effectiveness of these teams is entirely vested upon the astuteness of managers to narrow gaps created by time, distance, language and diverse cultures (Stamps & Lipnack, 1997). Thomas (2008) suggests that organizations must strike a balance between their need for a united global culture and acceptable strategic plans that have both local and global relevance to all employees. Research indicates that organizations operating in a global economy must attract experienced leaders who can give them some competitive advantage (Deal & Prince, 2004).
For the foregoing reason, the demand for talented employees with expatriate experience has more than tripled. Consequently, more and more talented and successful workers are finding themselves securing placements outside their countries of birth (Deal & Prince, 2004). This has greatly necessitated the need for more progressive use of partnerships and alliances across functions, organizations, and customers to build more collaborative and innovative ways to compete and win market share as noted by Potter & Hinds (2002). In addition to this, the use of IT has really made distances shorter and broken physical walls to facilitate e-business and other innovative activities world. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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