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The Servant as a Leader - Essay Example

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Leadership, as defined by Northouse, refers to a person’s trait, ability, behavior and skill to influence a group of people to accomplish a common goal. This paper addresses the lessons learnt about leadership and focuses on servant leadership…
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The Servant as a Leader
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Download file to see previous pages According to the report there are various leadership types apart from the servant leadership approach. Firstly, there are transformational leaders. Blanken says the famous transformational leaders are Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield, who made a business framework that allowed members of their client community to become stockholders. Blanken says transformative leaders want the organization to change even when its members are not comfortable with the idea.

From this essay it is clear that the recommended leadership style is servant leadership. Blanken names Herb Kelleher as the one person who embodied servant leadership. Kelleher instilled a culture in Southwest Airlines company that reflected the belief that the business of business is people. Servant leaders, as Blanken says, put service to others before themselves. They involve members of their organization in the decision-making process. Moreover, servant leaders have the will to let the credit for a job well-done be put to their team members. Smith notes that servant leadership starts when a leader takes the place of a servant while engaging with their organization members. Leadership that is authentic and legitimate does not come from the exercise of power or self-serving deeds. However, true leadership emanates from the desire to assist others first. Smith mentions that the basic urge and purpose of a servant leader is first to motivate the greatness in others, with team success the outcome of it. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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