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The management and workers in the organization work hand in hand to ensure productivity and the success of the company. A company that encourages employee employment realizes greater…
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MGMT455 U2 IP Employee Empowerment
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Employee empowerment Employee empowerment Introduction The term empowerment in business is used to refer the humanization in theworking environment. The management and workers in the organization work hand in hand to ensure productivity and the success of the company. A company that encourages employee employment realizes greater professional and also personal success. Human factor is also evident in the companies that have empowered its employees (Bernoff & Schadler, 2010).
Question 1
Employee empowerment is the manner in which employees who are not in the management make decisions without making consultations with the management. The decision can be demanding or not demanding. It however depends on the degree of power that has been invested in the employee. Training an employee is the initial stage in employee empowerment. The company should also be converted to an empowerment model. Employee empowerment is the aspect of giving workers power to take decisions on their own (Huq, 2010).
Question 2
There are various advantages related to empowering employees. The employees have a high level of ownership in the company. Sense of ownership makes the employees happier than those working in other companies. Employees are more proactive and also have the will to accept change. Employees, who are empowered, are passionate about what they have achieved and also their roles in the company. They are able to control their destinies with enthusiasm. A strong sense of responsibility gets felt by an employee who is empowered. Therefore, he or she will improve productivity in the company. When employees are in charge of their results, they adopt positivity in morale and effects. Employees understand that their ideas matter towards the realization of the company’s success and, therefore, take great interest in the company (Murrell & Meredith, 2000).
Question 3
There are also various advantages associated to the employer. Employee empowerment reliefs stress on the management. When the responsibility of making decisions is vested to employees who are empowered, management is relieved of the worries. The empowerment of employees enables the transition of authority from the management to subordinate staff. When authority is placed to the subordinates, the management can trust the operations on the employees. However, the management requires to get empowered before employees get empowered. The training towards empowerment should begin with management. As a result trusting relationship gets build among the management and subordinates (Murrell & Meredith, 2000).
Question 4
Theory Y in the styles of management is correlated with empowerment. Douglas McGregor explained the theory, and he stated that it was a style of coaching. On the other hand, theory, X is more of an authoritative style in the management of the enterprise. In accordance to the theory, Y management has the expectations of getting good results from the employees. The understanding makes it possible to implement empowerment of employees (Bernoff & Schadler, 2010).
Question 5
Empowerment of employees makes them have less chance in unionization. Due to the reason employee feel that the company needs them and thus fewer chances of unionization. Empowered employees will have a say in the operations of the company. Therefore, the employees will not seek the advice of labor unions so as to get more rights in the company (Huq, 2010).
Empowerment of employee is an aspect that is encouraged in many organizations. However, many companies have not adopted it because of the nature of operations in the company; in the case of the companies that have adopted it tremendous growth have been recorded.
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Huq, R. (2010). Employee empowerment: The rhetoric and the reality. Axminster, Devon: Triarchy Press.
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