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The service delivery of the company is time-definite. The company involves the delivery of documents the world over. The company has expanded its operation capacity to the inclusion of supply chain…
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MGMT458 U3 IP UPS The Internal Structure of United Parcel Service The company is the largest organization in the shipment of products in the world. The service delivery of the company is time-definite. The company involves the delivery of documents the world over. The company has expanded its operation capacity to the inclusion of supply chain services. The company’s operation has three levels of operation that include the US domestic package operation, the supply chain and freight, and internal package operations levels (Dennis, 2011). The US domestic package involves the timely delivery of documents and other forms of packages throughout the United States. Internal package involves shipments done outside the USA and it operates in 220 nations (Dennis, 2011). The supply chain and freight wing involve forwarding and contract logistics operations. This involves the design, the execution and freight forwarding to destined places. The operations in this category also involve customs brokerage and customer care.
The parcel Industry external structure
The parcel industry in the American region has grown over the years, especially the freight transport section. The venture was transformed from a private enterprise to a full grown industry. The industry has a high amount of revenue, which surpasses most of the organizations engaging in the same business. The industry constitutes of Airborne, federal express, UPS and USPS.UPS makes the highest revenue per year, $20B, compared to the other carriers (Dennis, 2011). Information on the four carriers is available in the public domain. This enhances smooth flow of documents and other packages. Customers are able to access information on the carriers. This enhances efficiency and effectiveness of the carrier. Three of the four carriers have publicly traded shares, but the USPS is a government agency.
Strategic plan for human resource retention
Human resource retention is essential in the going concern of an entity. This can be achieved through thorough training of the personnel on the four sections of the parcel service delivery. A mastery of work skills makes employees appreciate their place of work, which will result in low rates of employee turnover. Additionally, the global operation scale will ensure that employees are satisfied with the dynamics of their respective places of work.
Dennis, W.T. (2011). Parcel and Small Package Delivery Industry. North Charleston, SC:
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