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That is why modern business requires strong leaders not only to create and bring new ideas, but also to sustain competition and be on the top of a certain industry…
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CEO LEADERSHIP STYLE In times of innovations and rapid development of technologies, it is important to march in step with them. That is why modern business requires strong leaders not only to create and bring new ideas, but also to sustain competition and be on the top of a certain industry. Recently a published list of the best performing CEO presented Jeff Bezos, second after Steve Jobs, making him the most powerful and greatest living CEO in the world. The following paper will study the Amazon CEO unique leadership style and how it influences the business. A consultative memo to the CEO will be represented in order to display the potential ways for improvements.
Leadership is defined broadly through a certain style, ability to influence others. Whether the leader is charismatic or transformational, he has power and uses it to affect the behavior and action of others. For years, leadership was studied as a mix of unique personality traits, such as intelligence and self- confidence. However, recently, the attention was turned to the styles of leadership behavior. They have been determined as democratic, authoritarian and laissez-faire. It is also essential that the companies were led by a polymath person, a person with an ability to cope with the complex tasks. History recognizes Leonardo da Vinci and Galileo as polymath leaders. Modern world polymaths are Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and Jeff Bezos.
The CEO of Amazon Company, Jeff Bezos, started his business with the creation of small enterprise that sold books. By sustaining growth and development of his organization, with time, Bezos has created his name as a leader, creating one of the biggest retail organizations in the world. Today it is the huge company with a smile from A to Z, the company’s logo, which shows its willing to deliver everything to everyone. The major purpose of the services he offered was and is care of customers as the greatest value for the company. That is why during his employees meetings, there is a tradition to leave an empty chair, as a reminder that this is a customer’s one, and all the decisions staff makes will influence their consumers finally. This prioritizing of customer service helps the CEO and his staff to understand the needs and wants of each consumer and put customer on the first place. The way Jeff Bezos runs his business, displays him as the democratic leader. He considers freedom is impossible without the freedom of disputes, which finally brings new ideas and innovation. That is why, he holds the responsibility of the actions made by his employees, however, let them make decisions by themselves. His sometimes crazy ideas and outside the “box” thinking is well- known to the company staff and people he deals with. Purchasing the Washington Post and desire to use of drones in package delivery define Bezos’s style as the one that welcomes innovations, creating something new and not normal that works for him and for the company. “Inventions require a long- time want to be misunderstood”, Jeff Bezos said once. Stepping over the bounds and making extraordinary decisions will lead to innovation. This is how his leadership style is conducted. This is what his staff knows, living under strong intensity and thus creating unique products and services.
Along with the huge achievements the company under the rule of its CEO has obtained in the recent years, the ways for improvement still exist. Notwithstanding the fact that Jeff Bezos runs his business as the democratic leader, the way he behaves sometimes indicates on his authoritarian leadership style. Being a CEO does not mean this person may know everything. However, Jeff Bezos states he is always right, even if he has not enough knowledge of the given field. Such behavior speaks against his democratic views and obviously should be an area for changing. His leadership style also needs improvement when it relates to human asset. The well- known straight talking to his staff speaks for the CEO want to achieve the best results while creating some new product, from one side. However, it may meet criticism from the other side, as not every employee is ready to understand such severe conditions even working in one of the world biggest companies. Leadership style of Jeff Bezos is more formal; he is a good and strong leader at work. However, to lead people with one’s ideas and beliefs, there is a need to be a more informal leader. That is an ability to engage talented people around and pick their interest in order to achieve more.
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