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Racial discrimination causes tension in all the areas that it tends to occur. In workplaces, discrimination against employees from different ethnic…
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Racial discrimination in work place Question1. Taming racial discrimination in the business Racial discrimination is the discernment against an ethnic group of people with a difference race from the dominating ethnic group. Racial discrimination causes tension in all the areas that it tends to occur. In workplaces, discrimination against employees from different ethnic groups make brings about the poor performance of the company. In order to reduce this, certain measures need to be employed in order to reduce the tendency of business crisis. Management teams ought to come up with measures that bring the workers together and treat them equally no matter the race from which they come.
Introduction of anti-racism laws in the company would help in combating the issue of racial discrimination among employees. The law is against the discrimination of employees and staffs with different ethnic races. In the human resources management department, the idea of hiring the employees from a particular race should be discouraged, and recruitment of staffs from different races encouraged (Young, 2006). Punishing of employees, low payments, lack of employees provident benefits and segregating the employees from a certain race is the most essential matter that the HRM should address instantly. Promoting and facilitating equal valuation of the employees despite their races should be practiced in all company undertaking.
Question2. Historical issues of different races in the workplace
Young (2006) argues that there are numerous causes of workplace discrimination among many companies all over the world. Racial discrimination may result from the identity superiority of some of the countries over the others with different races. This may result from the movement of residents from the poor or third world countries to countries with advanced economies. In most cases, such workers end up experiencing racial discrimination. The fight for superiority makes the most of racism cases among the different races all over the world.
The abuse of the employees-employer relationship causes racial discrimination among the staffs. Granting leave breaks and workstation assignment may cause discrimination among the employees. The leaders may grant the application to those whom they chose over on the basis of race. Setting a platform where all the workers are granted their request equally should be established to ensure that there is an equal treatment of staffs. This can also be enhanced by introducing of a rotational schedule where employees are scheduled to have off duties, breaks and all the benefits they are entitled to, equally.
Question3. Different races in the workplaces in U.S
Due to advancements in the U.S, the cases of racism may be easily practiced without much difficulty. Applicants pre-employments screening is among the major causes of racial discrimination in the modern U.S companies. This brings the HRM team to the acquaintance of having a clear understanding of the applicants in the various available posts. This is because the department is well aware of the ethnic origin of the applicant, even before they are posted to various posts in the company.
According to Langwith (2008), psychological and physical safety is a human right, and every employee wants to work under working conditions that favor their rights and those that respect them. In such positions that are of lower working conditions, they will tend to be less in demand leading to posting of the employees from a different race thus practicing racism in the working place. Working for long hours may be delegated to some staffs that belong to certain races but working within the company. This favors those with the dominating race thus facilitating racial discrimination among the employees.
Total disbarment on racial discrimination should be encouraged in order to have an efficient working environment for the employees. Respecting ones race or color should be instilled among the citizens and practiced in our workplaces. Pluralism enhances the success of the business in achieving its objectives.
Langwith, J. (2008). Discrimination.Detroit: Greenhaven Press.
Young, M. (2006).Racial discrimination. Detroit [Mich.: Greenhaven Press. Read More
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