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The concept of Theory X and Theory Y was introduced by a Social Psychologist Douglas McGregor and it was published in 1960 in his book “The Human Side of Enterprise. The fundamental idea of McGregor was to explain the behaviors of the individuals and the applied management…
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MGMT455 U1 IP Theory X & Y
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Research Paper [Pick the Theory X and Theory Y The concept of Theory X and Theory Y was introduced by a Social Psychologist Douglas McGregor and it was published in 1960 in his book “The Human Side of Enterprise. The fundamental idea of McGregor was to explain the behaviors of the individuals and the applied management styles. He introduced two expounded theories, “Theory X and Theory Y”. The Theory X assumes that individuals does not like working, they tend to avoid responsibilities and for that purpose they need to be controlled and supervised on each step of their work otherwise they will not be able to produce the beneficial results. This theory tends to adopt the authoritarian style of management. Whereas, Theory Y assumes that individuals take responsibility and they do not need control and direction on each step, they are active, motivated and consider the work as the natural part of their lives, and are capable of achieving higher goals in their jobs. This theory is considered is the participative style of management.
Theory X
Theory Y
Control and direction will help in getting exact desired goals of an organization
Does not allow personal and work space for the individuals
Space for imagination and to work freely
Not all employees are the same, and might need motivation and direction
Work can be done on time without error because of the assigned time and quality
Does not give an opportunity to the employees to work in their own desired ways
The new generated ideas can flow easily because of the calm and relaxed environment
Total freedom might lead to carelessness towards work
Higher rate of poor and less satisfaction of the employees
Employees are appreciated and encouraged to imagine and think out of the box
Certain rules should be defined for a proper management
One style cannot be used in all situations. It totally depends on the circumstances and conditions of the environment and employees. The management can be authoritative in some cases and can also be practical in other cases while a mix of both the theories can result better. The practices of Theory Y can turn out with better results as this will develop confidence and courage among the employees to work in a relaxed and a comfortable environment. For-example, well and high structured call center operations can get a certain amount of benefits by allowing their employees to perform and respond to customers on their comfort and knowledge level. So, by adapting to Theory Y practices they can appreciate and encourage the overall knowledge sharing processes.
The difference between Theory X and Theory Y management is quite noticeable. In my opinion, the management of Theory Y is much more effective and productive than Theory X, as the authoritarian management of Theory X is much adopted in most of the huge firms and organization and leaves less comfortable environment for the employees, whereas most of the organizations allow participative management of the employees which prefer self motivation and appreciate new ideas from the individuals. Considering Theory Y management, many of the organizations use decision making processes, in which each employee has the opportunity to share his thoughts and ideas.
There are basically two major types of democratic decision making, including, persuasive democratic management and consultative democratic management. In the Persuasive Democratic Management, the leader makes the decision first and then tries to persuade his/her employees that he/she had made the right decision. In the Consultative Democratic Management, the group contributes to the decision-making process as with the leader who is making the final decision.
It is important for the managers to fully understand the qualities of both the theories. This will help him in making useful and effective decisions regarding his employees. Many managers to follow the Theory X management where as some follow the management styles of Theory Y. The managers following Theory X are usually fixed goal oriented and do not really leave any space for the employers to share their ideas. It is essential for the managers to thoroughly recognize the insights of the both positives and negatives of each theory. To fully understand your assumptions about your employee’s inspiration and motivation it is necessary to know the behaviors of the employees. This activity can help your learn to manage your employees more effectively.
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MGMT455 U1 IP Theory X & Y Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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