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Field Work Experience Within HR Department - Essay Example

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This essay discusses the field work experience of the researcher in the HR Department, that is the area of human resource management (HRM), that is a diverse field and it plays a pivotal role in the efficient management of an organization these days all over the world…
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Field Work Experience Within HR Department
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Download file to see previous pages This essay intends to provide a vivid description of the field work experience obtained in a LNG company (Liquefied Natural Gas) named Liquefied Natural Gas Limited. The researcher of the essay illuminates the different managerial practices in the organization detailing out the individual as well as corporate strategies undertaken by the organization to earn its competitive domain globally. Moreover, the field work also helps in identifying the major areas of discrepancies, which if rectified can help the company gain corporate excellence. The LNG is an Australian company having its headquarters in Perth in Western Australia. The company operates in three sectors namely oil and gas project development, investing in existing oil and gas discoveries and technology development and licensing. Liquefied Natural Gas Limited has a corporate strategy to become the leader in the mid-scale LNG sector. The company also plans to supply fast-track energy related solutions to the gas suppliers and energy users who do not have proper gas supply. The company has been managing its resources quiet well through proper decision making. The managerial approaches have largely been observed to be positive. However, the researcher concluds that human resource management related activities in the company should be monitored much more efficiently. Through the regular training and monitoring of the employees, the company will be able to upgrade the employee knowledge base as well as develop its competitive advantage. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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