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Cooperatives Name Institution Co-operative is one of the common types of business in the current world. It involves individuals or organizations with common agenda or goals coming together to implement such business goals. Cooperatives strive to succeed in the emerging or current global economy despite its challenges which arise from their specific commitment values, their forms of incorporation as well organizational structures…
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Download file to see previous pages This work would focus on some of the co-operatives’ challenges, more so those related to philosophy of working together. Cooperatives are formed by individuals of different thoughts in terms of educational background and fields of specifications. Everyone would have his or her opinion when it comes to certain sensitive business matters (Abraham, 2004). When not well handled, such argument may have some negative implications in the overall co-operatives operations. From the philosophical principles, human will always have different ways of approaching issues, and the same would apply in the business world. Some cooperatives are made up individuals from different countries, ethnicities, religious societies and beliefs among other traits. There have been cases where some co-operatives fail to make good business decisions due to mixed ideas or views by members. The current global economy is so competitive that a slight mistake may lead to huge losses. Such have made several co-operative businesses or societies closed and each member resume to personal or single partnership business. However, there are ways through which such problems can be dealt with. A defined co-operative should have a manifesto that contains how important decisions should be arrived at. This would guide the members in making contributions towards sensitive business agendas. Cooperatives should appoint different people to hold different titles like the chairman and departmental heads among others. Such leaders should be mandated to oversee important activities like meetings, to ensure every member has equal rights to air his/her view with regards to specific business issues. It is important to appoint qualifies and experienced leaders to collect all the views, analyze them then make the best final decisions based on some business or economic principles. Another way to adopt good group work initiative in the co-operatives is to use successful co-operatives as case study or examples. Business field allows different entities to learn from one another. However, this should be handled with care since no business will share its deep business secrets. As the chairperson of my cooperative, I intend to promote unity and understanding through different ways. Some of the arguments in the business are not based on business ideas but personal issues. I will organize regular meetings of the cooperative members and advocate for unity. Furthermore, I will authorize co-operatives end month parties as motivational initiatives. One of the best ways to ensure deep understanding of the business members is to create more time for interactions. Finally, I would conduct a survey to ascertain the needs of our employees and members developments and later contract training firms to offer some business short courses related to proper decision making. There is a specific incidence when our business faced some problems with regards to decision making. The co-operative proposed of advancing its technology and its organizational communications. The proposals were circulated to each member for opinions. The majority was for the ideas, but a few were against it. Cooperative business is so sensitive that withdrawal of a single member may be a huge setback to the entire operations. As the chairman I had to ensure every member’s idea or opinion is incorporated in the final decision making. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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